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Dictionary explanation
vi. 适应
vt. 使适应;改编
Web explanation
adapt - 使适应,适应,改编
Adapt Dynamically - 随需而动,动态适应
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调整⋯以适用 / 改编
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使适应, 使适合; 改建, 改造; 改编, 改写; 适应
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Bilingual sentences

  • 世界会变得不同,我们必须做好准备以适应其变化。
    The world will be different, and we will have to be prepared to adapt to the change
  • 人适应环境的速度真是惊人。
    It's amazing how quickly people adapt.
  • 你能适应新的工作吗?
    Can you adapt yourself to the new job?
  • 为将图书馆改作办公室而做了一些架子。
    Shelves were built to adapt the library for use as an office.
  • 虽然这些蔬菜作物很适应我们这里温和的气候,它们的收成却很差。
    Although these vegetables adapt well to our temperate climate, they tend to crop poorly.
  • 他们不得不适应战时经济。
    They have had to adapt themselves to a war economy.
  • 编剧帮助他将其所著小说改编成电影。
    The scriptwriter helped him to adapt his novel for the screen
  • 到了新的环境,就得调适自己的心态。
    When we come to a new environment, we have to adapt our psychology.
  • 你可以把谷仓改作汽车房。
    You can adapt the barn for use as a garage.
  • 她懂得如何适应环境。
    She knew how to adapt herself.
  • 不同的经济部门和社会群体要多快才能适应各种气候变化带来的影响?
    How quickly could different economic sectors and social groups adapt to different kinds of climate impacts?
  • 他敦促雇主和工会根据经济条件调整工资方案。
    He urged employers and trade unions to adapt their pay settlements to the economic circumstances.
  • 电影改编自一部同名戏剧。
    The film has been adapted from a play of the same title.
  • 他能适应这工作吗?
    Can he adapt himself to the job?
  • 我觉得自己很难适应高山气候。
    I find it very difficult to adapt myself to the climate in the high mountains.
  • 我们必须使花费与收入相符。
    We must adapt our needs to our income.
  • 钟努力去适应当地的风俗习惯。
    Chung has tried to adapt to local customs.