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Dictionary explanation
adv. 实际上;事实上
Web explanation
Actually - 实际上,事实上,竟然
actually ad - 实际上
Actually see - 真实看到
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的确 / 确切地 / 竟然 / 实际上
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实际上, 真的; 竟然
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Bilingual sentences

  • 不,其实,我想我们还有另一张你的。 不。
    No I think we have another one of you, actually.
  • 因此,我所从事的实际上是公司最棒的工作之一。
    So that I have actually one of the coolest jobs in the company.
  • 它们中没有一款应用程序可以让你使用它们的程序来像这样来实际做新闻报道。
    However, neither it nor any of the others allow you to use their app to actually do reporting like this.
  • 2000年的时候我其实挺喜欢他的。 但现在这个家伙是谁啊?
    I actually liked him in 2000, but who in the world is this man.
  • 事实上是谁付钱让你干这个的?
    Who actually pays you to do this?
  • 这些话实际上毫无根据,似是而非的。
    Such talk is actually specious and groundless.
  • 问题是:如果此刻实际上并没有显示那个节点,那么应该在哪里显示它?
    The question is: if that node is not actually being displayed at the moment, where should it be displayed?
  • 实际上他们又是怎么做的呢
    But how do they actually do it?
  • 事实上,你需要。
    Actually, you do.
  • 因此,实际上我很喜欢这一点。
    So actually I like it.
  • 实际上儿子是操纵一切的人。
    The son is actually the one who runs the show.
  • 实际上没有必要增加员工。
    Actually there is no need to upstaff.
  • 它实际上能够做什么?
    So what will it actually do?
  • 事实上,这个游戏里没有规则指定你必须要做什么。
    Actually, no rule of the game states you must do anything.
  • 可是实际上它却是最小的天体之一。 只是因为它距离我们太近了,所以看起来才显得大。
    Actually it is one of the smallest, and only looks big because it is so near to us.
  • 我从故事剩下的地方,重新开始,我要向他们描述,尽管表面上看不出来,但我父亲的生命实际上并没有完整地活着走出那条船。
    I pick up where I left off, and go on to describe to them how, despite all appearances, my father did not actually make it off that boat alive.
  • 实际上,这些细菌有的对你是很有好处的。
    Some of these bacteria are actually good for you.
  • 我认为,一旦我们问这个问题我们必须实际上回到生命。
    And I think once we ask that question we have to go back, actually, to life.
  • 事实上,我通过那样说开始课程。
    Actually, I started the class by saying that.
  • 实际上我是想事先通知你的。
    Actually I meant to notify you beforehand.
  • 我们希望能回答的一个问题是,我们实际上是在什么时候做这个梦的?
    And one of the questions we would like to answer is when do we actually create this dream?
  • 事实上,这个游戏�没有规则指定你必须要做什幺。
    Actually, no rule of the game states you must do anything.