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n. 积极分子;激进主义分子
Web explanation
activist - 活跃分子,积极分子,活动家
activist investor - 投资者,投资人,股东积极主义
activist investors - 投资者
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激进主义份子, 行动主义者; 活跃份子
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Bilingual sentences

  • 如今我开始醒悟,作为一名作家,也可以积极参与。
    Now I began to understand: As a writer, I was also an activist.
  • “一些乡下的女孩把结婚当作摆脱她们的家庭控制和拯救自己的办法,”首都萨拉的一个激进分子这样说。
    "Some rural girls see marriage as saving themselves from the control of their families, " says an activist in the capital, Sanaa.
  • 我是信息活动分子。
    I am an information activist.
  • 高质量的教育确实有,但做父母的必须掌握足够的信息才能找到它,并且必须积极主动才能让孩子得到它。
    Quality educational services exist, but a parent has to be knowledgeable enough to locate them and activist enough to get her child access to them.
  • 现在,他是两性社会活动家、积极分子和社区组织橄榄叶基金会的高级经理。
    He is now a gender activist and senior manager at the community organisation the Olive Leaf Foundation.