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Dictionary explanation
v. 使习惯于(accustom的过去分词)
adj. 习惯的;通常的;独有的
Web explanation
accustomed - 习惯的,通常的,惯常的
accustomed averages - 运输费,酬劳费,酬劳费,运输费
average accustomed - 小额费用,小额费用(如码头费、引航费等),照常规办理单独海损免赔额
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Bilingual sentences

  • 你习惯了他的思维方式了吗?
    Have you been accustomed to his way of thinking?
  • 弗里德以他一贯的精明风范行动起来。
    Freed acted with his accustomed shrewdness.
  • 布拉德利仍然保持着每次出行必派头十足的习惯。
    Bradley is still accustomed to travelling everywhere in style
  • 她的眼睛,对屋里的事物都十分熟悉,立刻看出有些不同平常的情形。
    Her eye, accustomed to what was usual in the aspect of the room, saw instantly what was unusual.
  • 现在,她已经习惯了我的突然出现和消失了。
    Now she has grown accustomed to my sudden coming and goings.
  • 你对国外的生活习惯了吗?
    Have you become accustomed to life abroad?
  • 诺拉变得习惯于依赖丈夫。
    Nora grew accustomed to depending on her husband
  • 他喜欢股票,习惯于买进卖出它的股份。
    He likes the stocks and he is accustomed to trading in and out of its shares.
  • 他习惯于做艰苦的工作。
    He is accustomed to hard work.
  • 我的眼睛渐渐适应了黑暗。
    My eyes were becoming accustomed to the gloom.
  • 想你已成为了我的习惯,你的一切都也已成为了的我习惯。
    I think you have become a habit, your everything, I have become accustomed to.
  • 他背对着炉火在通常的位子上坐了下来。
    He took up his accustomed position with his back to the fire
  • 可以看出这位治安推事,爱尔格农·克费·丹南特,由于习惯于嘲笑别人,不免猜疑到自己也被别人嘲笑。
    It could be seen that Algernon Cuffe dennant, esq., j.p., accustomed to laugh at other people, suspected that he was being laughed at.
  • 既然你想娶我的女儿,我要问问你是否有能力让她按自己已习惯的方式生活呢?
    If you are going to marry my daughter, I must ask if you can afford to maintain her in the manner to which she has been accustomed?
  • 使惯了就好了。
    It'll be fine once you get accustomed to using it.
  • 我们已经渐渐对那些无礼的诅咒和谩骂习以为常了。
    We have grown accustomed to having our ears assailed by mindless cursing and profanities.
  • 足球运动员对获取丰厚的奖金已习以为常。
    Footballers are accustomed to profiting handsomely from bonuses
  • 他们习惯于抑制自己的感情。
    They are accustomed to holding back their emotions.
  • 她是那种习惯每晚睡八个小时的人。
    She was a person accustomed to having eight hours'sleep a night.
  • 水说:那是因为你已习惯了我的存在。
    Water: it is because you have been accustomed to my presence.
  • 我已经习惯了作为唯一一个小不点坐在一桌大人中间。
    I was accustomed to being the only child at a table full of adults
  • 球队适应了英式橄榄球甲级联赛的节奏。
    The team has accustomed itself to the pace of first division rugby
  • 人们习惯了我的沉默。
    People became accustomed to my silence.
  • 我们已经习惯了他说话的方式。
    We have become accustomed to his way of speaking.
  • 他习惯于这种事了。
    He is accustomed to that kind of thing.
  • 她还不太适应已经是一个富婆的事实。
    She had not yet become accustomed to the fact that she was a rich woman.