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Dictionary explanation
n. 放任;狂热
vt. 遗弃;放弃
Web explanation
abandon - 抛弃,放弃,遗弃
abandon property - 废弃财产
abandon vt - 放弃,离弃,遗弃
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抛弃 / 离弃 / 放弃 / 中止
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放纵, 放任; 狂热
丢弃; 中止, 放弃; 遗弃, 抛弃; 使放纵
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Bilingual sentences

  • 葡萄长疯了。
    The grapes grew in wild abandon.
  • 我们不敢放纵自己的情感,以免显得太过软弱或缺乏自制。
    We are scared to abandon ourselves to our feelings in case we seem weak or out of control.
  • 我们别无选择,只有放弃这次会面。
    We had no option but to abandon the meeting.
  • 那并没有说服他们放弃战争,但的确迫使他们重新评估了自己的战略。
    It did not persuade them to abandon the war but it did force them to reappraise their strategy.
  • 替他捧场的人疯狂地尖叫。
    His supporters screamed with wild abandon.
  • 道路上满是弃置的车辆。
    The road is strewn with abandoned vehicles.
  • 我决定不在约翰走投无路的时候抛弃他。
    I decided not to abandon John when he was in such a desperate position.
  • 很多国家想退出在日内瓦举行的多边贸易会谈。
    Many want to abandon the multilateral trade talks in Geneva.
  • 汝等进入此地,须弃绝希望。
    Abandon hope all ye who enter here.
  • 市场可能会抛售该股票,从而令其股价下跌。
    The market might abandon the stock, and knock down its price
  • 暴风雨愈发猛烈,我最终不得不弃车步行。
    The storm got worse and worse. Finally, I was obliged to abandon the car and continue on foot
  • 他们对孩子的放任折射出他们自身生活的放浪形骸。
    Their permissiveness toward their children reflects the wild abandon of their own lives.
  • 当局中止了分发食物的尝试。
    The authorities have abandoned any attempt to distribute food
  • 他们不得不放弃土地和财产,让侵略军占领。
    They had to abandon their lands and property to the invading forces.
  • 当他们的足球队踢赢时,球迷们便疯狂地欢呼。
    The fans cheered with abandon when their football team won.
  • 全体船员秩序井然地准备弃船。
    The officers and crew prepared to abandon ship in an orderly fashion.
  • 我们还不能放弃选择这种方式来处理高辐射废料。
    We should not yet abandon this option for the disposal of highly radioactive waste.
  • 他声称父母遗弃了他。
    He claimed that his parents had abandoned him
  • 那天孩子们尽情地唱歌跳舞,可爱极了。
    The children sang and danced with a most charming abandon that day.
  • 若我不建议公司放弃这个项目,那我就是不负责任。
    It would be irresponsible of me not to advise my company to abandon this project
  • 最终理智占了上风,他打消了那个念头。
    Logic had prevailed and he had abandoned the idea.
  • 他们决定放弃这次出游是因为财力有限。
    Their decision to abandon the trip was made because of financial constraints