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a regular - 此处可理解为“常驻嘉宾
ride a bike regular - 有规律
a h regular - 正则半群
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Bilingual sentences

  • 职员:是的,从我们这里到他的银行,无论是普通的或者是加急电汇都比寄支票或邮汇要快。
    C:Yes,either a regular or urgent cable would be faster than sending a check or a mail transfer from us to bank .
  • 什么,谁说的?现在我还没有敲定一个正式女朋友呢。
    What, who said that? Now I do not have a regular girlfriend.
  • 凯伦:噢,她表现得很好,只是定期检查。顺便问一下,杰克(你的丈夫)吗?他喜欢他的退休生活吗?他每天做什么有意义的事情吗?。
    Karen:Oh, she is fine; it is just a regular check up. By the way, how is Jack (your husband)?Does he enjoy his retirement?What dose he do all day?
  • 首先要说的是,我经常要去了解上述各位的看法,而且从那里已经学到了许多…所以如果你对他们的任何话题感兴趣,那么可以去看看他们的网站。
    First of all, I follow what each of these people have to say on a regular basis, and I have learned a lot from them… so if you are interested in any of their topics, go and check out their sites.
  • 我的问题是,如果它成为一个定期电视剧,你和其他剧组人员愿意继续下去吗?
    My question is, are you and the rest of the cast willing to stay on if it becomes a regular series?
  • 然而,在这里可以做一件在普通办公室里不能做事,那就是,大主教可以在此忏悔。
    Nevertheless, there is one thing that one can do here and cannot do in a regular office. Hierarch can confess here.
  • 但大部分男孩最好的选择是一个普通的女孩。
    But the best choice for most boys is a regular girl.
  • 我们需要一个定期的燃料供应运作最佳的性能。
    We need a regular supply of fuel to function at optimum performance.
  • 又是怎么看这些的?在电视机上?在线看?还是像我们中的某些人一样看DVD?。
    And how do you watch TV? On a regular one, or online/on DVD like some of us?
  • 在沙罗周期系列中相继发生的日全食的路径每隔18年作有规律的图形变化。
    The paths of totality for successive eclipses in this saros series change in a regular pattern every 18 years.
  • 您可以创建一个普通规则,然后将其转换为规则模板,或者可以直接创建规则模板。
    You could create a regular rule and then convert it to a rule template or you could directly create a rule template.
  • 他们在体育场外的海报上做广告,承诺说每个参赛者都将在体育馆一个一个地参加常规的身体检查。
    They advertised on posters outside the stadium to promise that every competitor is to have a regular physical examination in a gymnasium one after another.
  • 他建议“对于大多数男孩的最好选择是一个普通女孩。
    He advises, "The best choice for most boys is a regular girl.
  • 你的等级随着时间的过去将会减少,因此,藉由以一般的方式拜访你的主题获得来自他们的最好试而且维持它是最好的。
    Your rating will decrease over time, so it is best to try and sustain it by visiting your subjects on a regular basis to obtain the best from them.
  • 是否有和弦的转变,这次和弦转变一共用了多少和弦,他们的变化率是规则还是不规则的?
    If so,how many chords are involved in this chord change and are they changing at a regular or irregular rate?
  • 我有一个普通的钱包作为你能想到的一切。
    I have a regular wallet with everything you can possibly think of.
  • 现在在内存中已经有了一个整齐的结构,非常容易通过程序处理它。
    You now have a regular structure in memory, one which is very easy to deal with programmatically.
  • 这是一个很棒的感觉成为一个定期在一个地方,尤其是咖啡店,因为在那里工作的人知道你的名字,知道你喜欢什么。
    It's a great feeling to become a regular at a place, especially a coffee shop, because the people who work there know your name and they know what you like.
  • 您应该获得的下一个目标是根据一个有规律的基础。
    The Ongoing Goal is what you should be achieving on a regular basis.
  • 举例来说,干涉就是在一些病人用普通的牙刷时,给另一些病人一把电动牙刷,它能帮助他们更好地照顾他们的口腔。
    An intervention could be, for example, to give some patients an electric toothbrush that helps them care for their mouths better, while other patients just get a regular toothbrush.
  • 去年,涅涅茨人去到一个定期的夏季露营点后,发现他们的湖泊有一半已经消失了。
    Last year the Nenets arrived at a regular summer camping spot and discovered that half of their lake had disappeared.
  • 是的,从我们这里到他的银行,无论是普通的或者是加急电汇都比寄支票或邮汇要快。
    Yes, either a regular or urgent cable would be faster than sending a check or a mail transfer from us to bank .