You can't miss it

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Web explanation
You can't miss it - 你一定能找到的,你不可能错过,你必定能找到的
You can' t miss it - 你一定能找到的
You can't miss it - 你一定能找到的
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Bilingual sentences

  • 若是你从没听过玄远高雅的吹奏,这张专辑是你只有的选择!
    This album is that you can't miss it if you have ever listened to elegant performance.
  • 爱就像地铁一样执着而真实,就像地铁一样按时来到,只要你在站台耐心地坚持等待,你就不会失之交臂。
    It's as gritty and real as the subway, it comes around just as regularly, and as long as you can stick it out on the platform, you won't miss it.
  • 我的日记本在桌子上,又大又黑,你不会看不到。
    My diary's on the table, it's big and black you can't miss it.
  • 男孩:博物馆在左边,你不会找不到。
    Boy: the museum's on the left, you can't miss it.
  • 喔,是这样。你笔直朝前走,过两条马路后,再朝左拐走半个街区就行了。不会找不到的。
    I see simply walk two blocks straight ahead, then turn left. it's in the middle of the block, you can't miss it.
  • 在第一个红绿灯左拐,你肯定能找到。
    Turn left at the first light, You can't miss it.
  • 去影院的话,到下一个红绿灯处左转。你不会看不到的啦。
    To get to the cinema, go to the next traffic light and make a left – you can't miss it.
  • 你转过拐角后第一眼就会看到它,不会错过的。
    It's the first thing you see as you come round the corner. You can't miss it
  • 那房子就在拐角处;你不会找不到的。
    The house is on the corner; you can't miss it.
  • 那个楼很大,你不会找不到的。
    It's such a large building that you can't miss it.
  • 别错过了。就在大路边上。
    You can't miss it. it's right off the main road.
  • 您可以坐三轮车去,不会误点的。
    You can get to the station by tricycle and you won't miss it.
  • 我的房子很显眼,你不会看不到的。
    My house sticks out and you can't miss it.
  • 额,在十字路口后的第一个拐角处向左转。它就在拐角处附近,你一定能找到的。
    Well, turn left at the first corner after the crossroad. It's near the corner, you can't miss it.