You asked for it

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You asked for it - 你自找的,你自讨苦吃,自讨苦吃
You asked it for it - 你自找的
Cause you asked for it - 因为你要一个
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Bilingual sentences

  • 不论是不是你提出来,免费提供的帮助都是恩惠的一部分,意味着达到这种互惠规范的唯一必要反应就是感激。
    Whether you've asked for it or not, help that's given freely is part of grace, meaning that the only response necessary to satisfy the norm of reciprocity is gratitude.
  • 我告诉过你,那只不过是一种愚蠢的幻觉,你却偏要我回答。
    I told you it was a foolish fancy, but you asked for it.
  • 很不错,告诉你,我的朋友们很喜欢你的音乐,并且希望你能给做个歌词。
    Fine, tell you, my friends like your music, and asked if you can write a lyric for it?
  • 别责备我,因为是你自找的。
    Don't blame me, cause you asked for it.
  • 你才是提醒他我要买的人。
    You were the onewho reminded himi'd asked for it.
  • “好吧,小鬼,这是你自找的。”他开始向汤姆进逼。
    Okay, kid, you asked for it, he began to move in on tom.
  • 6你父亲若察觉我不在,你就说,大卫切求我许他赶回自己的城伯利恒去,因为他全家在那里献年祭。
    If your father misses me at all, you shall say, David earnestly asked leave of me to run to Bethlehem his city, for it is the yearly sacrifice there for all his family.
  • 我们确实有你要的书,但眼下已被借出。
    We do have the book you asked for, but it's out at the moment.
  • 你对一个教练不能要求更多了,但不幸却降临到他身上。
    You couldn't have asked for better from a coach and it's taken away from him, but it happens.
  • 你这是自取其咎。
    You asked for it.
  • “那你怎么教孩子关于钱和其他我们谈论的有关的事呢?”我问罗伯特。“我们怎样才能使这种教育对父母而言简单化,尤其是对那些自己也不懂这些的父母?”
    "So how would you teach a child about money and all the things we've talked about?" I asked robert." how can we make it easy for parents especially when they don't understand it themselves?"
  • 你一直在等待的任何事都可能会在六月发生,因此为一切做准备吧,睁大你的眼睛,记得你所期望的,因为它会发生。
    Whatever you have been waiting on may manifest in June so be prepared for anything, keep your eyes open and remember what you have asked for because it will come to you.
  • 你忘了你在堆中申请的内存在哪里,它将会被栈清除,因为malloc把它放在别的地方。
    You just forget where the memory is that you asked for on the heap and it's not going to get cleaned up on the stack because malloc puts it somewhere else.
  • 如果这个对象是人,你就是被邀请为他们承诺,因为这是你的选择与他们一起过的更好。
    If it is someone, you are being asked to make a choice for them because it is your choice that will make them better.
  • 可能是你自己洗了它而自做自受。
    Maybe you asked for it to be washed.