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abbr. 到现在为止的一年;最近的一年(Year to Date)
Web explanation
YTD Actual - 实际
ytd sales - 年累计销售
ytd hrs - 年初至今小时
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Bilingual sentences

  • 选择此状态会使已批准和年初至今调整字段无法输入数据。
    Selecting this causes the Approved and YTD Adjustments fields to be unavailable for entry.
  • YTD型装置是一种适用于大型湿式球磨机起动的机械-液压-电气补偿装置。
    Model YTD starting compensator is a mechanical-hydraulic-electric device for starting compensation of large - scale wet ball mill.
  • 这里您需要考虑一下想在报告中包含什么,也就是月,季度,近一年或者预算和实际发生数的信息。
    This is where you need to look at what you want to include in the report, i.e. 1 month, quarterly, YTD or Budget and Actual Information.
  • 东部地区和NKA很好控制了PW%并且保留它在年目标之内并且达到或者100% YTD GS目标!
    East region and NKA controlled PW% very well and keep it within year target and also achieve or over 100% YTD GS target!
  • YTD型装置是一种适用于大型湿式球磨机起动的机械-液压-电气补偿装置。
    Model YTD starting Compensator is a mechanical-hydraulic-electric device for starting compensation for large-scale wet ball mill.
  • 摩根士丹利由年初至今下跌82%和高盛由年初至今下跌59%,剩余两间最大的经纪商,亦在极度压力之下,与摩根士丹利面对和雷曼类似的情况。
    Morgan Stanley ( YTD -82%) and Goldman Sachs ( YTD -59%), the only two biggest brokerage firm left, are under extreme stress, with Morgan Stanley facing similar situation as Lehman.
  • 原油与美元的负相关性从年初至今已高达90%;可以看出,美元越坚挺,石油股面临的下跌风险便越大。
    A stronger U.S. dollar lends to greater downside risk for oil equities, given the high inverse correlation between crude oil and the USD, running at -.90 YTD.
  • 年初至今的总回报百分率是以资产净值计算,并包括于除息日用作再投资的收益净额。
    Total return YTD change% reflects the performance calculated from NAV with net income re-invested on ex-dividend dates.
  • 寇兹(Coach)股价从年初至今上涨了5%,现价为57.94美元;而蓝色尼罗河(Blue Nile)的股价则在六个月内暴涨35%,现价为56.92美元。
    Coach (NYSE: COH) has seen a 5% YTD increase and is trading at $57.94, and Blue Nile (NASDAQ: NILE) has jumped 35% in the past six months and is trading at $56.92.
  • 一定时期的资产负债表应反映年初至今的经营情况。
    Balance sheet for the period should reflect as the YTD.