Who told you that

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Who told you that - 谁告诉你的
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Bilingual sentences

  • 谁把这些事告诉你的?
    Who told you all that?
  • 谁跟你说的,你哥吗?
    Who told you that, your brother?
  • 到底是谁教你干这样的蠢事的!
    Who the hell told you to do a stupid thing like that!
  • 你怎么知道的?谁告诉你的?
    How did you know that? Who told you that?
  • 那是从一些人的说法演变而来的,他们曾说,网站越亏钱前景越光明。
    This comes from the people who told you that the more money a dotcom was losing, the better were its prospects.
  • 谁告诉你我在那里面?
    Who told you I'm into that?
  • “谁告诉您,夫人,说我恨您的儿子?”
    "And who told you, madame, that I have any hostile intentions against your son?"
  • 但又有谁曾告诉过你们父母照顾子女会是一件省时的事情呢?
    But who ever told you that parenting was going to be a time-saving activity?
  • 鸿渐正说:“谁告诉你的!”
    Just as Hung-chien was saying," who told you that?"
  • 谁说是要提高员?
    Who told you that it's for motivation?
  • 谁说的?你跳得非常好。
    Who told you that? You're a great dancer.
  • 谁教你可以在兵营里和上司有说有笑的?
    Who told you to giggle with your seniors in the barracks like that?