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What should I do - 我该怎么办,我应该怎样做,我应该做些什么
Tell what should I do - 告诉我应该怎么做,告诉我该如何是好
then what should I do - 你爱上了她
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我马上要毕业了,我该做什么呢?
    I am about to graduate, what should I do?
  • 如果我遇到一些挑刺的刺儿头学生,我该怎么办?怎样才能避免一些可能出现的尴尬局面?
    What should I do if I meet some picky students? How can I avoid some possible embarrassed situations?
  • 我为此感到惭愧,但是我不知道该怎么做才是。
    I feel shame about it and don't know what should I do.
  • 我该怎么办?我该再找份工作吗?
    What should I do? Should I look for another job?
  • 怎么办,美丽的公主就要亲吻我了。
    What should I do, the pretty princess is going to kiss me.
  • 我的文件被拒收了,我怎么办?
    My file was refused, what should I do?
  • 我该怎么办?我感觉晕。我感觉非常虚弱。
    What should I do? I feel faint. I feel really weak.
  • 但是,可能今天注定的事实让我知道我该做些什么了。
    But may be is the fixed fact let me know what should I do.
  • 如果我最爱的人离开我,我应该怎么办?
    If my best love people learveme, what should I do?
  • 我十分希望你能告诉我,我该怎么办(除了叫我放弃)?
    I hope extremely you can tell me what should I do ( except to ask me to give up)?
  • 如果我的护照丢了,我该怎么办呢?
    What should I do if my passport is lost?
  • 在我午夜回家的路上,我想到汽油用完了,我该做点什么。
    What should I do when I'm about to run out of gas at midnight on my way home.
  • 如果我决定离开这个组织,我应该怎么做?
    What should I do if I decide to leave the organization?
  • 我该怎么做才能让你相信呢。
    What should I do? So that you will be convinced.
  • 我要死了,我该怎么办啊?
    I'm dying what should I do?
  • 我经常问自己:我该怎么办?是选择更努力还是选择放弃?
    I often ask myself: what should I do? To study harder or give up?
  • 怎么办?已经来不及了,我根本一点也不爱他。
    What should I do? It's too late, I don't love him at all.
  • 你看到她送我的礼物了吗?这种小玩意儿我该怎么处理?
    Did you see that gift she gave me? What should I do with this white elephant?
  • 最好宝宝和我立刻有感情,但如果没有怎么办?
    Will my baby and I bond right away, and what should I do if we don't?