USB charging cable

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Usb 充电线缆
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Bilingual sentences

  • 适用于大部分带USB充电连接线的手机充电。
    Suitable for most mobile phone charger with USB charging cable.
  • 一个是技术上的G700无线鼠标,但使用的USB电缆时提供鼠标充电。
    The G700 is technically a wireless mouse, but a USB cable is supplied for use when the mouse is charging.
  • 这里是LG电子手表手机在充电底座,连接到电源通过USB电缆或充电器。
    Here is the LG Watch Phone in its charging cradle, which connects to the mains via a USB cable or charger.
  • 附件:1GB发声卡,耳机,110~240V充电器,充电用USB线,精品丝绸笔套,使用说明书。
    Accessories: 1GB audio cartridge, earphone, 110~240V charger, USB cable for charging, silk bag, user's manual.
  • 插上您的播放器的USB充电电缆。
    Plug in your player's USB charging cable.