Through research

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Through Research - 通过研究
Through textual research - 通过考证
Hope Through These Research - 希望通过这些研究
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Bilingual sentences

  • 很多研究与事实告诉我们,这些年以来我们家里购买的以及正在使用的商品并不像我们想的那么安全可靠。
    We are now being alerted through research and case studies that many items we have bought and used in our homes over the years are not as safe as we may once have thought.
  • 兰德公司是一家旨在通过研究与分析优化政策与决策制定的非盈利性组织。
    Chaibong Hahm is a senior political scientist at the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit institution that seeks to improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis.
  • 提倡私企通过研究和发展进行升级和革新,以及参与国家指导的科技项目。
    Promote private innovation and upgrading through research and development, and participate in state-managed science-technology programs.
  • 如果是由信源提供的信息,必须通过研究或者采访其他熟知情况的人加以证实。
    If given information by your source, verify it, either through research or by interviewing another source who is familiar with the situation.
  • 我们打算通过研究和发展促进经济增长。
    We plan to promote economic growth through research and development.
  • 因此,我们应该结合文献中描述的各个模型方面来建设我们自己的模式还是应该先通过研究来验证这些模型?
    Should we therefore build our own model by integrating aspects from each of the models described in the literature? Or should we first seek to validate the models through research?
  • 通过研究增进对环境的认识。
    Enhance awareness of environment through research.
  • 它们希望通过研究产品或知识为社会或经济发展做出贡献从而看到投资的回报。
    They want to see a return-on-investment through research products or knowledge that contributes to social or economic advancement.
  • 有关商业的房地产业的法律各州之间是不同的,所以你要通过仔细研究或是向一位律师咨询合同中的条款是否合法。
    Regulation varies by state on many business and real estate laws, so confirm that your contract terms are legal through research or by consulting an attorney.
  • 一方面,EA团队的典型任务是通过对新业务和技术能力的研究和发展从而为企业带来长远利益。
    On one hand, a typical EA team’s goal is to bring a long-term value through research and development of new business and technical capabilities.
  • 通过研究和分享你的知识会有助于你的技能提升。
    Bolstering your expertise can happen through research and sharing your knowledge.