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n. 理论(theory的复数形式)
Web explanation
Theories - 理论,理论基础,论
Contemporary theories - 第三节,古代的病因学实际,现代的病因学理论
conspiracy theories - 阴谋论,九一一事件阴谋论,阴谋理论
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Bilingual sentences

  • 大自然也许知道一切答案,但理论有待于用科学去进一步考证。
    Nature may well know all the answers, but science has yet to prove its theories.
  • 它给我的理论增加了关于发展方向的科学依据。
    It adds the science to my theories on what’s going on.
  • 他们回顾这些理论的的目的是为了解释他们亲眼所见的变革正在加速的现象。
    Their goal of reviewing the theories of change was to explain the accelerated phenomenon of change that they were witnessing.
  • 人们用毕生精力积极地构造世界是如 何运转的理论,然后将他们按照新的根据加以改造。
    People spend their lives actively constructing theories about how the world works, and then reconstructing them in light of new evidence.
  • 这就是为什么,有如此多的理论试着来解释这一现象。
    That is why; there are theories that try to explain this phenomenon.
  • 不论好坏,理论塑造了我们的行为模式,甚至转变了我们。
    Whether good or bad, theories mold our patterns of behavior and even transform us.
  • 毕竟,就算不引入一个全新的模式,人们还是可以得出新的观点、理论和解决方案的。
    One can arrive at new ideas and theories and solutions without ushering in a whole new paradigm, after all.
  • 在“活僵尸”袭击的压力下,所有那些理论将何以维系?
    How would all those theories hold up under the pressure of a zombie assault?
  • 关于利他主义还有别的一些理论,但最有意思的一种认为这一切都是有亲缘关系的。
    There are several other theories about altruism, but one of the more intriguing ones is that it's all relative.
  • 他的理论受到科学家们的怀疑。
    His theories were discredited by scientists.
  • 然而,这些只是理论。
    These are just theories, however.
  • 在那个时候,1986年,教育体系建立在传统、理论和意识形态上。
    At the time, 1986, the education establishment was dominated by tradition, theories, and ideology.
  • 向上帝祈祷类似于一个复杂的科学理论那样,看起来都是如此的流行。
    Invoking God as an analogy to complex scientific theories seems to be all the rage.
  • 对于宇宙到底是什么样子的,宇宙学家并没有一致看法,但却有很多理论。
    There's no consensus among cosmologists about what space looks like, but there are plenty of theories.
  • 但“金融学没有纯正的理论,因为金融涉及的是价值——一个比热或压力更具主观性的概念,”他评述道。
    But “there are no genuine theories in finance because finance is concerned with value, an even more subjective concept than heat or pressure”, he observes.
  • 不过,估计它们的年龄取决于恒星如何生存与死亡的理论。
    But estimates of their ages depend on theories of how stars live and perish.