The reductio

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The reductio - 归约
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Bilingual sentences

  • 通过反证法,不存在一个程序,能像传说中的P一样运行。
    By reductio, there cannot possibly be a procedure that acts like the mythical P.
  • 两者都基于相同的权利哲学,前者恰恰是后者的重复,它们的差异,只是量的差异,并不存在质的区别。
    The former are a reductio ad absurdum of the latter precisely because both claims follow from the same philosophical approach to rights — they are differences in degree, not in kind.
  • 反例和反证法是数学中常用的方法,在统计数学中也有许多有趣的应用。
    The negative example and reductio ad adsurdum Proof obtain an interesting application in statistical mathematic.
  • 光合速率午间下降主要是由非气孔因素引起的。
    The "midday reductio" of photosynthesis rate was mainly induced by non-stomatal factors.