The exact quantity

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Bilingual sentences

  • 有效需求和货币数量不作同比例地变动。
    Effective demand will not change in exact proportion to the quantity of money.
  • AB胶枪是通过控制出胶行程而达到精确配比目的。
    Professionally designed two-component AB glue valve by controlling the exact glue quantity to achieve the correct ratio.
  • 建立了准确测定常量铀中微量镎的方法。方法包括萃取色层法分离和质谱法测量。
    The method including the process of extraction chromatography and the mass spectrum measurement for the exact analysis of micro neptunium in the existence of large quantity of uranium is established.
  • 请告诉我们,你已经答应关于四月底交货的货物的确切日期,种类,数量。
    Please tell us that you have already agreed to the delivery of goods by the end of April the exact date, type, and quantity.
  • 在配色中心,还可以根据顾客的需求,度身定制所需的漆用量,避免不必要的浪费。
    Not only can the customer now be sure that they get the exact color they selected, they can also save money by purchasing the correct quantity of paint.
  • 同时采用准时生产思想要求达到只在需要的时候,生产供应需要的数量,采用拉动式的生产方式,通过排除浪费来实现企业最大的利润目标。
    Just-In-Time requires that only when need, it will provide exact quantity. It will realize the aim of maximal profit by getting rid of waste in pull mode.
  • 一旦这个角色生效,管理者就必须精确的决定新的资本要求的数量和成分。
    Once the roles are assigned, the regulator has to decide on the exact quantity and composition of the new capital requirements.
  • 请在出货时通知我出货的具体数量。
    Please inform me about the exact quantity upon completion of production.
  • 进行激发试验时,明确激发药物或物质的确切剂量很重要,并需以最小的速度增加剂量。
    When conducting provocation tests it is essential to know the exact quantity of the drug or agent and to give very small incremental doses.
  • 除非在既定趋势中, 我们永远不能估计,短时期那些精确的量或程序化的方向。
    We can never estimate the exact quantity or direction of order flow for more than a very short period of time except in established moves.
  • 电控泵喷嘴系统能够达到很高的喷射压力,并能对喷油量、喷油定时进行精确控制,是柴油机燃油喷射装置发展的新趋势。
    The electronically controlled unit injector system can provide very high fuel injection pressure and exact control of fuel quantity and injection timing, and it will be widely used in the future.
  • 我已经把装箱单上的信息丢失,也放在一起包装清单中的所有项目,数量的总结是准确的。
    I have put the information missing on the packing list and also put together all the items in the packing list so the summary of quantity is exact.
  • 可是你牺牲了灵活性,你必须去知道准确的数量,生命周期和对象类型当你在写程序的时候。
    However , you sacrifice flexibility because you must know the exact quantity, lifetime and type of objects while you're writing the program.
  • 请告诉我们,你已经答应关于四月底交货的货物的确切日期,种类,数量。
    Please advise us the exact shiping date , type, quantity about this batch of goods which you have promised will delivered in the end of Apirl.
  • 首先。通过清楚的正式语言来表达意思。其次。准确描述要求。最后。明确陈述数量上的变化。
    Well, first, make meaning clear by using concise, formal language. Second, describe accurately the exact requirement. Finally, state clearly the permissible variation in quantity.
  • 确切数量目前尚不能确定。
    The exact quantity cannot be determined at present.