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stock quantity - 库存量,存量,库存数量
stock holding quantity - 持股数量
Safe Stock Quantity - 安全库存量,安全库存,安全库存量
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Bilingual sentences

  • 负责备件记录表的更新,新备件的品名更新以及根据相关生产工程师的要求更新最低库存数量。
    Responsible f the spare parts recd sheet, the new spare parts set up the minimum stock quantity based on the infmation related production engineers.
  • 在本例中,制造鱼饵的公司名称是 Donzai,模型的名字是 Marlin Buster,库存数量是 23。
    In this case, the name of the company that manufactures the lure is Donzai The name of the model is Marlin Buster. The quantity in stock is 23.
  • 库存准备完成后,对需方下的订单,如数量未超过库存量,供方应在天内出货。
    When the stock is ready, any purchase order with required quantity less than the stock quantity shall be shipped from the Seller within days.
  • 本公司的存货的充足,足以提供给贵方。
    We have a stock of sufficient quantity to supply you.
  • 三量:需求量。排配量。库存量。
    Three Quantity: requirement quantity schedule planning quantity and stock quantity.
  • 库存电煤供应数量不足;
    The electric-coal of stock supplies the quantity insufficiently;
  • 在样品还没通过测试之前,我们没有办法采购这么大数量作为库存。
    We will not purchase such a large quantity for stock before the sample passes the test.
  • 库存数量。
    Stock Quantity.
  • 长期因素有黄金的货币属性、存量及储蓄;
    Long -term factors include currency property, common commodity property, storage quantity and stock quantity of gold.
  • 分析了物流园区安全库存量及一定区域内物流园区数量与交通布局的匹配问题;
    Analyzing the safety stock quantity in Logistics Park and the quantity of Logistics Park matching with the transportation network inside a certain district;
  • 从这类企业采购物资的特性我们可以看出,它不同于一般的企业,它的采购物资库存占用量很小,因而可以忽略库存成本问题;
    This kind of enterprise is different with the common enterprise, its stock takes the quantity to be very small, thus may neglect the inventory cost question;
  • 股票股利数量、除权事件当月大盘走势是影响股票流动性的显著性因素。
    The quantity stock dividend and trend of stock market was significant factors that affect the liquidity.
  • 每日清查贮存品帐、卡、物是否相符,每月盘点一次数量和质量变化情况,是否超过有效存放期产品。
    Daily inventory storage goods account, card, whether conform to, stock once a month quantity and quality changes, if they exceed the valid storage period of products.
  • 数据条目常常包含许多数据项,例如名称、部件编号、供应商编码、库存的数量等等。
    Data items usually have a number of entries, for example, name, part number, supplier code, quantity in stock, and so on.
  • 机汇 并不鼓励直销商大量囤积产品。惟直销商须合理地评估零售趋势,自订合理的产品存货量。
    OV does not encourage Distributor to stock up large quantity of products but recommends a reasonable amount according to Distributor ' s needs.
  • 供需双方每月对库存量及需求情况做一次考核,并在考核后根据情况进行调整。
    The agreed stock quantity shall be reviewed by the Parties every months according to the actual and forecasted demand change.
  • 对于订单中的每一项,过程将检查库存数量是否满足订购数量。
    For each item in the order, the procedure checks if the quantity in stock can fulfill the quantity ordered.
  • 盘点管理提供盘点单,库存和盘点差异,提供自动或手工调整差异数量。
    Stock check control provide create stock check form & allow anytime stock check, automatic or manual adjust stock quantity.