Residual risk

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residual risk - 剩余风险,余值风险,残余风险
Residual Business Risk - 剩余经营风险
Residual Cardiovascular Risk - 残余心血管风险
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Bilingual sentences

  • 在那个时候,FDA要求额外的数据证明按照它草拟的标签唑吡坦第二天残余效应不会导致无法接受的风险。
    At that time, the FDA requested additional data demonstrating that zolpidem does not present an unacceptable risk for next-day residual effects when used according to its proposed label.
  • 但这些危险因素之外仍然存在残余风险,这就说明我们除了控制好这些危险因素,还有更多的工作要做。
    There is still residual risk despite the fact that we would manage those things so there would always be more that we need to do.
  • 压水堆核电厂“半环”运行时丧失余热排出系统的事故后果非常严重。
    In a pressurized water reactor(PWR) nuclear power plant, the risk of loss of residual heat removal system at mid-loop operation is very significant.
  • 决策者和其他利益相关者在风险处理后应该了解剩余风险的性质和范围。
    Decision makers and other stakeholders should be aware of the nature and extent of the residual risk after risk treatment.
  • 这样的加工由于涉及溶液提取及热处理,从而能减小原料加工过程中线虫残留的可能性“。
    Such processing involves solvent extraction and heat treatment that likely mitigate any residual potential nematode risk in the material being processed.
  • 如果成本过高,您的在线协作项目也许最终要残留一些风险。
    If the costs are too high, you may end up with a residual risk for the online collaboration project.
  • 其中施工阶段的残余风险可利用监控量测进行管理和控制。
    The residual risk management and control of construction phase can be solved with observation.
  • 这些技术,应按系统安全方案规划中的全部剩余风险进行核实评估。
    These technologiesshould be evaluated for suitability in light of total residual risk as determined in system safety program planning.
  • ACCORD脂质证实确认假想成立以及把将非诺贝特加入辛伐他汀减少心血管残余风险的价值。
    ACCORD Lipid confirms both the hypothesis and the value of adding fenofibrate to a statin to reduce this high residual cardiovascular risk.
  • 风险管理的基本条件是剩余风险识别与建立,管理风险,通过验收的网络保护策略。
    Fundamental to risk management is identification of residual risk with a network protection strategy in place and acceptance of that risk by management.
  • 剩余风险应该备有文件并得以监控、检查以便适当的采取进一步的处理。
    The residual risk should be documented and subjected to monitoring, review and, where appropriate, further treatment.
  • 剩余索取人对大规模专门风险承担的有效地适应是普通股票的优势。
    Efficient accommodation of large-scale specialized risk bearing by residual claimants is an advantage of corporate common stock.
  • 定义风险管理战略,分级响应识别的风险,在企业风险偏好内维护风险水平。
    Ensure that risk management strategies are adopted to mitigate risk and to manage to acceptable residual risk levels.
  • 寿险合同准备金包括最优估计负债、风险边际和剩余边际。
    Reserve of life insurance contracts consists of best estimated liability, risk margin and residual margin.
  • 因此,人力资本的权益在企业中应当得到体现,与物力资本一样参与对企业剩余收益的分配、承担企业面临的风险。
    So in the corporation, the human capital rights should be reflected, sharing the residual income and undertaking the risk with the material capital.
  • 因为没有剩余的1064 nm的发射,任何接触红外光束被淘汰的危险。
    Because there is no residual 1064 nm emission, any risk of exposure to an infrared beam is eliminated.
  • 剩余风险;
    Residual Risk;