Personal relationships

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personal relationships - 个人的亲属关系,人际关系,个人关系
Build Personal relationships - 建立人际关系
Personal and social relationships - 人和社会关系
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Bilingual sentences

  • 但是和科林相比,他在人际关系方面更冷淡一些。
    But compared to Colin he was cold in terms of his personal relationships.
  • 人际关系的品质直接取决于我们的整个价值观和幸福观。
    The quality of our personal relationships correlates directly with our overall sense of worth and happiness.
  • 人际交往疗法,帮助人们理解和处理引起或加重抑郁症混乱人际关系,。
    Interpersonal therapy (IPT), which helps people understand and work through troubled personal relationships that may cause or worsen depression.
  • 《满屋的玫瑰》是1950年代有关人际关系的戏剧的一个典范。
    Roomful of Roses is a fine example of a 1950s play about personal relationships.
  • 我们应该把精力放在工作上,而不是复杂的人际关系上。
    We should focus our attention on work rather than complicated personal relationships.
  • 我想就是这个简单的问题,建立了许多成功的人际关系,商务关系和无盈利的积极想法。
    I think that simple question tends to be the foundation for so many successful personal relationships as well as busineses and nonprofit initiatives.
  • 更重要的是,如果我们可以利用振奋情绪建立起信任,尤其有助于在现代社会加强或弥补人际关系。
    What's more, if we can harness elevation to build trust, it could have particular relevance in the modern world for strengthening or repairing personal relationships.
  • 他建议对人际关系、工作环境和个人日常生活管理这三个方面加强重视,因为这些方面的改善会让快乐“升值”。
    He advises a three-point check-up on the state of personal relationships, the work environment and control over daily life, because improving those areas will boost happiness.
  • 我们和朋友家人之间建立起来的人际关系是我们生命中快乐的最大来源。
    The personal relationships we develop with friends and family members are the greatest source of happiness in our lives.
  • 我们会遇到这些挑战,但是已经牢固建立的人际关系会给我们帮助。
    We will have those challenges, but the personal relationships that have been cemented will help us.
  • 最重要的因素在于牢固的人际关系。
    The biggest factor appears to be strong personal relationships.
  • 我的购物行为已经通过某种方式导致我在人际关系上出现了问题。
    My shopping has caused problems in my personal relationships in one way or another.
  • 但由于人性的弱点,各种人际关系,如:亲缘、地缘、师生、贿赂等关系仍大量渗透其间,干扰着保举制度的公正性与客观性。
    Because of the weakness of the humanity, all kinds of personal relationships inevitably penetrated the work of the system, interfering with the justice and objectiveness of the system.
  • 改善你的健康,获得优胜,长寿,改善人际关系,实现您的目标更快。
    Improve your health, get in better shape, live longer, improve personal relationships, achieve your goals faster.
  • 让我们先来看看这一个关系:商业上的成功依靠于建立持续的,真诚的人际关系。
    So let's look at the first relationships: Success in business rests on the consistent and honest nurturing of personal relationships.
  • 你对现在生活中的人际关系满意吗?
    Are you content with the personal relationships in your life?
  • 他说,因为我们已经失去了那么多,我们要学会信赖人际关系。
    "Because we had lost so much, we learned to rely on personal relationships, " he says.
  • 健康的人际关系是通往幸福的关键之一。
    Healthy personal relationships are one of the keys to happiness.
  • 这个月你需要准备好在人际关系方面获得成长。
    Get ready for a lot of growth in personal relationships this month.
  • 由于这六个倾向影响、左右着我们的商业谈判、社会需要和人际关系,掌握说服规律的知识的确可以让我们拥有更多的优势。
    As these six tendencies help to govern our business dealings, our societal involvements and our personal relationships, knowledge of the rules of persuasion can truly be thought of as empowerment.
  • 只将这一诊断结果分享给正确的人有助于加强你的人际关系,并且可以减轻你的孤立感。
    But sharing the news of your positive status with the right people can strengthen personal relationships and help you feel less isolated.