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patent-pending - 在专利神情过程中
Patent-pending propeller guard - 正在申请专利的螺旋桨后卫
patent-pending active defense technology - 监控技能
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Bilingual sentences

  • 快点解锁 :正在申请专利过程中的快点技术让你可以创建习惯使用码。
    Quick Click Access: The patent-pending Quick-Click technology allows you to create a custom access code.
  • 该平台结合了正在申请专利的数据分析技术以及前沿的行为科学,为千家万户提供经济有效的、可操作的能源见解。
    The platform combines cutting-edge behavioral science with patent-pending data analytics to cost-effectively deliver actionable energy insights to millions of homes.
  • 我们正在申请专利的铰链系统保障您点燃的覆盖的皮带,保持覆盖紧闭。
    Our patent-pending hinge system secures your Kindle to the cover, with a strap to keep the cover firmly closed.
  • Radseeker采用了一种正在申请专利的自动化稳定处理技术,解决了野外和定期校准的需求,可以在所有操作环境下保持检测的准确性。
    It maintains accuracy in all operating conditions through a patent-pending automatic stabilization process that eliminates the need for field or periodic recalibration.
  • ABO使用存在于数字内容信号中的高度相关性,利用一项拥有专利的算法,对这些相关性进行高效的编程。
    ABO uses the high correlation found in digital content signals and efficiently codes these correlations using a patent-pending algorithm.
  • 设备采用了吉来特公司的新型ASCM(自适应、传播、编码和调制)专利技术,这是一种专为移动通信行动而设计的帧对帧自适应波形。
    The modem implements Gilat's new patent-pending ASCM (Adaptive, Spreading, Coding and Modulation), a frame-by-frame adaptive waveform that was specifically designed for on-the-move operations.
  • 通过将气味的独特结合,研究中使用的无味食物粉末出现在Sensa体系之中,唯一一个申请专利的减肥体系。
    The unique combination of scented, flavorless food sprinkles used in the study is now found in Sensa, the only weight loss system that contains the patent-pending technology.
  • 鞋面局部的细节设计精致细腻,由一台全新的、正在申请专利的缝纫机制造而成。
    Upper part of the fine details of design sophistication, from a new, patent-pending machine produced.
  • 正在申请专利的独家制造过程稳定的营养素,使得它们更容易被吸收体内最大的效益。
    The exclusive patent-pending manufacturing process stabilizes the nutrients longer and makes them more easily absorbed by the body for maximum effectiveness.
  • 它的动态的主动防护的技术是目前最为智能化的行为分析技术。
    Its patent-pending Active Defense technology is the most intelligent behavioral analysis technology available today.
  • 它利用了一种等待的ASIC,将所有编码器,电子产品,包括光电传感器,提高了可靠性和准确性专利。
    It utilizes a patent-pending ASIC that integrates all encoder electronics, including the optoelectronic sensors, which enhances reliability and accuracy.
  • 承建商会明白墙板上逻辑控制和正在申请专利的高级反馈抑制(战地服务团?)的控制输入。
    Contractors will appreciate its control inputs for wall-panel logic control and the patent-pending Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS?).
  • 公司宣布,该公司已完成专利产品脐带血采集装置的临床试验。
    SituGen Ltd. announced the completion of clinical trials of its innovative patent-pending device for the collection of umbilical cord blood.
  • 此外,该工具的锁打开所有组件与专利申请中的钢琴锁,它允许您关闭一个简单的记者组成部分。
    Additionally, all of the tool's components lock open with the patent-pending Piano-Locks, which allow you to close components with a simple press.
  • 曲棍球的技术是基于正在申请专利的设计,使热电发电机的电力转换成热能对环境的低功耗各种用途。
    The puck's technology is based on patent-pending thermoelectric generator designs that allow the conversion of ambient thermal energy into electric power for a variety of low-power uses.
  • 这种尚未申请专利的羟甲基糠醛新方法,平衡了化学、压力、温度以及反应堆设计各方面考虑。
    The new, patent-pending method for making HMF is a balancing act of chemistry, pressure, temperature and reactor design.
  • 正在申请专利的铰链作保你点燃的封面。
    A patent-pending hinge secures your Kindle to the cover.