Old feelings

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Old Feelings - 旧日情怀,旧日私人间的情分
That old feelings back again - 旧的感觉回来了
Old city with no feelings - 旧城以无感情
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Bilingual sentences

  • 一切情感都是相对的,但我开始感到来自昔日感情的一阵遥远清风。
    All things are relative but I get a distinct whiff of the old feelings .
  • 我们设法向这位老人表达我们的感情。
    We tried to communicate our feelings to the old man.
  • 小心不要伤害别人的感情。老朋友可能不喜欢你的选择。本周投资可能被歪曲报道了。你可能面临财务困境。
    Be careful not to hurt someone's feelings. Old friends may not like your choices. Investments may be misrepresented this week. Financial difficulties may be worrying you.
  • 彼此无伤害之举,老少有互怜之情。
    Act with each other no harm, young and old have mutual feelings of pity.
  • 回想对对方的浪漫感觉,对方的魅力和心中的渴 望,想想对方吸引你的特质,唤醒昔日的情感。
    Recall your feelings of lust, attraction, and desire for your partner. Think about the traits that you were attracted to, and let those old feelings come to life again.
  • 以岁月的名义祝福你们,愿岁月老去永不改爱的情怀。
    Bless you in the name of the years, let years old to never change the feelings of love.
  • 这不只是一个人的品质让你的头脑中产生移情,你以前的感情,动机和期望,也被重新启动。
    It's not just a person's qualities that get transferred in your mind—your old feelings, motivations, and expectations are also reactivated.
  • 约翰逊继续表示,他对穆里尼奥的心思很难理解,并声称他的表现已经完全证明了自己的实力。
    Johnson went on to say that he harbours no ill feelings towards his old boss and claims that his performances now speak for themselves.
  • 他如果不肯来,就会使老大娘不高兴。
    If he refused to come, he would hurt the feelings of the old woman.
  • 今天是新的一天,为什么是旧的心情?
    Today is new day why is the old feelings?
  • 他文字间散发出的熟悉的感觉又重新唤醒了我对他的依恋与爱意——同时也唤醒了对他的厌恶与恼怒。
    The intimacy of his postings reawakened old feelings of loyalty and attachment — and irritation and annoyance.
  • 我们之间,过去从来没有时间去改变感情,感情改变你和我。
    Between us, never going past the time old feelings, feelings change you and me.
  • 终于有一天,我发现自己老了,自己的感情还是一无所获,却依然傻傻的站在原地等待。
    Finally one day, I find myself getting old and their own feelings or nothing, but still standing on the site to wait for Sha Sha.
  • 但是,苔丝至少在她从摇篮时代就开始呀呀学唱的古老的万物颂中,找到大约可以表达她的感情的句子;因此这也就足够了。
    However, Tess found at least approximate expression for her feelings in the old Benedicite that she had lisped from infancy; and it was enough.
  • 我们应该考虑老年人的感情。
    We should be considerate of the feelings of the old people.
  • ——有些时 候,你得摆脱了旧日情怀,才能为新的感觉腾出空间。
    Sometimes you have to get rid of old feelings to make room for the new ones.
  • 悠悠之口,亦是人云亦云,你又何苦让我想起旧日情怀。 。
    Yo mouth, is also a parrot, why did you let me think of the old feelings.