Occurrence Condition

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occurrence condition - 产出条件,发生情况,发病条件
element occurrence condition - 元素赋存状态
co-occurrence condition - 共现条件
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Bilingual sentences

  • 恢复原生沉积构造的原始产状要素,是古水流分析中的一项重要基础工作。
    To restore the original occurrence condition of a primary sedimentary structure is a routine work for palaeocurrent analysis.
  • 煤系地层是明水泉群形成和存在的基本地质条件之一。
    Coal formation strata is one of the basic geological condition for occurrence and form of Mingshui spring group.
  • 以诺言人的某一履行为条件的诺言,为第77条规定的选择履行,条件的出现也是诺言内容的除外。
    A promise conditional on a performance by the promisor is a promise of alternative performances within 77 unless occurrence of the condition is also promised.
  • 给出了带电蒸发黑洞发生自发辐射的能量条件。
    The energy condition for the occurrence of the spontaneous radiation is obtained.
  • ECA(事件条件动作)是一种特殊的规则模式,它们在发生某个事件时检查条件。
    ECA, Event Condition Action is a specific pattern of a rule where the condition is evaluated once the occurrence of an event is found.
  • 同时给出了人群中出现无限集(指大量人群集中在一组或几组中)的一个必要条件,无限集的出现可能对应于股市崩溃的情形。
    We derive the size distribution of these interacting agents and give a necessary condition for the occurrence of infinite size cluster which might correspond to the large crashes in stock market.
  • 结论医科大学学生广泛存在亚健康状态,特别是心理、社会方面的问题,需要学校加强关注,积极预防亚健康的发生。
    School should pay attention to the sub-healthy students and actively prevent the the occurrence of sub-healthy condition among the students.
  • 手动钻孔的钻头转速 慢,无温升,可以避免烧糊人体组织的情况发生。
    The drill head for manually drilling has slow rotary speed and does not have temperature increase so that the occurrence of condition such as body tissues burn is avoided.
  • 目的研究理想塑性材料中微孔洞间产生内颈缩的必要条件;
    Aim To study the necessary condition for the occurrence of an internal necking in microvoids in perfectly plastic materials.
  • 本文对1987年3月13日浙南地区强对流过程发生的条件作了分析。
    The occurrence condition of southern Zhejiang severe convective event on 13 March 1987 is analyzed.
  • 春末夏初高温高湿是椪柑果树夏梢发生黄龙病病害的重要条件。
    Therefore, the high temperature and humidity from the end of spring to the beginning of summer is the important condition for the occurrence of citrus yellow shoot for citrus tree tops.
  • 研究结果显示:稳定、适宜的水温是水华形成的必要条件,水温的急剧改变是水华消散的重要原因。
    The studies revealed: Steady and appropriate water temperature is the necessary condition for the occurrence of the blooms, its rapid change is the key factor in the vanishing blooms.
  • 异常处理是一种编程语言构造,旨在处理某些更改常规执行流的情况(异常)。
    Exception handling is a programming language construct designed to handle the occurrence of some condition (exception) that changes the normal flow of execution.
  • 更重要的是,我们首次推导得到了这种噪声降低效应发生的临界条件。
    More importantly, the critical condition for the occurrence of the noise-reduction effect is given in our theoretical treatment.
  • 根据病害发病的规律及流行条件,提出了对玉米纹枯病的综合防治措施。
    Preventive treatment to Banded leaf and Sheath Blight(BLSB) of Maize has been advanced according to the occurrence pattern and prevalence condition of the disease.
  • 利用量子效应原理分析了波包在势阱中的传输,通过分类讨论得出了出现共振透射现象的条件。
    The transmission of wave packets in a potential well was analyzed by the quantum effect theory. The occurrence condition of resonant transmission was obtained by classified discussion.
  • 通过低匀速行驶时间与停车时间之间的关系,可以得到车辆发生拖延行为的条件。
    The occurrence condition for dragging behavior could be obtained according to the relationship between slow driving time and waiting time.
  • 雾天由于稳定层结和充沛的水汽有利于酸雨出现;
    Foggy condition was favorable for occurrence of acid rainfall due a stable stratification and moist air.
  • 公开了一种熔断器,用于在出现过电流情况下使电线自动断开。
    A fuse device is disclosed for automatically disconnecting an electric line at the occurrence of over-current condition.
  • 如果频率分布显示数据值从经常出现变为很少出现,则存在倾斜。
    Where the frequency distribution shows data values decreasing in occurrence from some common condition to a rare condition, a skew exists.
  • 然后用数理分析方法讨论了各类运动的出现条件,时空之间关系,物理机制和一些特征。
    By mathematical and physical analysis, the occurrence condition, the relation between space and time, physical mechanism, and some characteristics are studied for each type of motion.