OLE for Process Control

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OLE for Process Control - 于过程控制的OLE,正在翻译,olefor过程控制
OLE OLE for Process Control - 程序控制
OLE for Process Control OLE - 过程控制
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OLE 用于过程控制
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Bilingual sentences

  • OPC工具的开发实现了控制算法的在线应用,对一个连续聚合反应釜的研究表明了此方法的有效性。
    The application online of control algorithm is realized by OLE for process control (OPC). The efficiency of the method is illustrated through a continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR).
  • OPC规范的产生是为了解决应用软件与各种设备驱动程序之间的通讯。
    COM/DCOM, OPC (OLE for Process Control) specification is introduced, which facilitate the communication between application software and equipment driver.
  • 将OLE/COM技术应用于过程控制与自动化将是本世纪工控领域的一次技术上的重大飞跃。
    It would be a great technological breakthrough for OLE/COM technology to be put into fields of process control and automation in this century.
  • 这是专为过程控制软件交互信息而设计的基于OLE 技术的规范。
    It was based on the OLE technology standard and designed for the information alteration of the process control software .
  • 介绍了过程控制领域中的一种新技术——OPC技术,即用于过程控制的对象链接与嵌入(OLE)。
    A new technology in process control field of OPC technology, Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) for process control is introduced in this article.
  • 规范是为了解决应用软件与各种设备驱动程序的通讯而产生的一项工业技术规范和标准。
    The OPC, so called OLE for Process Control, is a specification and technology standard and was designed to solve the communication ' s problem of application software and drivers.
  • 为适应姚孟电厂的数据通信模式,本系统在采集模块开发中采用了OPC技术。
    To meet the mode of the data communications in Yaomeng Power Plant, the OPC (OLE for Process Control) technology is used in the module of data collection.
  • 为工业自动化软件面向对象的开发提供一项统一的标准。
    OPC(OLE for Process Control)Provides a unified standard for the industrial automation software object-oriented development.