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Bilingual sentences

  • 这里是我的图书馆卡。
    Here's my library card.
  • 我的书库中缺少的一本是《你的降落伞是什么颜色?
    One book that’s not in my library is What Color is Your Parachute?
  • 从那时起,我就把我的图书馆精简到了原来数量的一半还多。
    Since then, I’ve managed to trim my library by more than half.
  • 问题是,我的图书馆使用外部库由其他人创建的,我只是用一些函数库。
    The problem is that my library uses external libraries created by other people, and I only use some of the functions from those libraries.
  • 我要交清图书馆罚款才能注册。
    I have to pay my library fines before I can register.
  • 打开我的书籍收藏,就可以看到组成我的藏书库的封面集合。
    Open up my book gallery and I can see the collection of covers that make up my library.
  • 保存下载的项目到我的媒体库中。
    Keep items that have been downloaded in my library.
  • 哦,不!那是我的图书馆。
    Oh, no! That's my library!
  • 当用户看到自己需要的书时,可以选择“收藏”按钮,该书就会自己收藏到我的图书馆。
    There will be "My library" button in the right side when you have access to personal library .
  • 我将它们储存在我的大脑中,当我演戏时我可以从这个“图书馆”中提取信息。
    I keep them in my mind, my library for when I can use them again when Im acting.
  • 你知道,我的规定是决不把任何一本书借出我的图书室。
    You know I make it a rule never to let any book go out of my library.
  • 我书房里有些书籍全是单单以主的名为题材的。
    In my library are books written solely on the subject of Jesus' name.
  • 几乎我的书库里的每一首歌曲我都可以告诉你它的来历——我是从哪里听过或者是谁把它给我的。
    For just about every song in my library, I can tell you how it came to be there—where I heard about it or who gave it to me.
  • 只需要大女儿说类似:“你忘记提醒我要带图书馆图书”就能让我言辞激烈。
    All it takes is for the Big Girl to say something like,"You forgot to remind me to bring my library book," to send me into a tirade.
  • 你可以随便使用我的藏书。
    You are welcome to use my library.
  • 你愿意帮我找到我的图书证吗?
    Would you like to help me find my library card?
  • 昨天,我在操场上弄丢了我的图书证。
    Yesterday, I lost my library card in the playground.
  • 我会把我的图书馆变成充满色彩和光亮的地方。
    I will make my library a place of color and light.
  • 我正指望我的图书馆学教授今年夏天能在编目部给我找个工作。
    I'm counting on my library science professor to get me a job in the cataloging department this summer.
  • 我将它们储存在我的大脑中,当我演戏时我可以从这个“图书馆”中叹颉信息。
    I keep them in my mind, my library for when I can use them again when I'm acting.
  • 我的图书馆我的开发机器上工作正常,但是当我崩溃我的目标机器上运行它(它使用OS 10.6.8)。
    My library works properly on my development machine, but crashes when I run it on my target machine (which uses OS 10.6.8).
  • 你可以随意使用我的图书馆的任何一本书。
    You're welcome to any book in my library.
  • 但是战争的出现使我既不能有闲暇充分地对待这样重大的题目,也没有机会查阅大量的书籍和文献来验证我的印象。
    The war - has deprived me both of leisure to treat adequately so great a theme and of opportunity to consult my library and my papers and to verify my impressions.
  • 我们本来就打算在我任期结束后搬去纽约州,而我则会在阿肯色州我的图书馆里待一段合适的时间。
    We had intended to move to New York after my term ended, with me spending a fair amount of time in Arkansas at my library.