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Bilingual sentences

  • 在管理EMLYON硕士旨在帮助你们每一个人发展的专业项目,并获得所需要的业务技能,为实现这一目标。它的目的是为您准备的第一份工作你以及早期的职业生涯发展。
    The EMLYON MSc in Management is designed to help each of you develop your professional project and acquire the business skills needed to achieve it. It aims top…
  • 在会计学硕士和控制提供了先进的会计和财务管理的研究。
    The MSc in Accounting and Control provides advanced study of accounting and financial management.
  • 对管理学硕士的目的是提供一个向现代管理实践的洞察力毕业生,并制定业务管理所需的技能。
    The aim of the MSc in Management is to provide graduates with an insight into modern management practice and to develop the skills required for managing a business.
  • 该硕士项目管理方案的目的是提供必要的技能,提供一个在公司和机构越来越多地在这一关键领域集中的时间先进和有效�…
    This 12 month MSc in Management (Creative and Cultural Industries) programme provides you with the essential knowledge and critical skills you need to become as…
  • 海安人力资源管理和劳资关系是一年,全日制课程。
    The MSc Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations is a one year, full-time programme.
  • 这在人力资源管理硕士课程是为学生谁愿意在人力资源管理职业资格,并要求将协助他们获得的专业水平项。
    This programme MSc in Human Resource Management is designed for students who wish a career in Human Resource Management and require a qualification which will as…
  • 该方案是提供给您作为该课程的专业化管理,经济和消费者研究。
    This programme is offered to you as a specialization of the MSc programme Management , Economics and Consumer Studies .
  • 你学术方面最大的成就是什么?它对你完成UCL的管理学硕士能起到怎样的帮助?
    What is your biggest academic achievement and how do you think it will help you successfully complete an MSc Management at UCL?
  • 舒晓,毕业于伦敦帝国理工学院,获得环境管理学士和环境技术硕士学位。
    Shu Xiao holds an MSc in Environmental Technology and a BSc (Hon) in Environmental Management from Imperial College London.
  • 本文简要介绍了网络管理技术 ,提出了一种基于简单网络管理协议的数字集群移动交换中心网络管理软件的设计与构架方案。
    In this article, it introduces the network management technology and the design of Digital Trunking MSC Network Management Software that base on the SNMP protocol.
  • 在2008年推出,这门课程-硕士商业分析和咨询的基础是我们成功的,同时在管理科学与运筹学硕士。
    Launched in 2008, this course - MSc Business Analytics & Consulting builds on the success of our well established MSc in Management Science & Operational Research.
  • 海安医疗管理是一个教学课程,可作为一年的全日制课程或部分在两年内所需的时间。
    The MSc Healthcare Management is a taught course which can be taken as a one-year full-time course or part-time over two years.
  • 管理技能报告已引入MSC支持你的个人发展和未来的职业生涯中的方案套件。
    The Management Skills Report has been introduced into the MSc suite of programmes in support of your personal development and future career.
  • 我报读了里尔高等商学院-风险和资产管理理学硕士课程,是因为我了解到该学院在国际上的知名度很高,尤其在金融领域。
    I enrolled in the MSc in Risk and Asset Management programme at EDHEC Business School as I had heard of its outstanding international reputation, especially in the field of Finance.
  • 运动,由距离学习的运动和运动管理的 理科 硕士社会学,和MBA运动的麻省社会学由距离学习的管理。
    MA Sociology of Sport, MSc Sociology of Sport and Sports Management by Distance Learning, and MBA Sports Management by Distance Learning.