Maintenance of resources

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Maintenance of resources - 资源维护
maintenance of marine living resources - 海洋生物资源养护
maintenance of germ-plasm resources - 种质资源保存
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Bilingual sentences

  • 森林是陆地生态系统的主体,是维护国土生态安全的屏障,是经济社会可持续发展的战略性资源。
    Forest is the main terrestrial ecosystem, the maintenance of land ecological safety barrier and strategic resources for economic and social sustainable development.
  • 目前,在商业系统的开发过程中存在着很多重复性的工作,造成了资源的浪费以及系统的高维护代价和更新代价。
    In the process of developing commercial system, much work is repetitive, which leads to the waste of resources and high cost of maintenance and update.
  • 住宿式书院的构建和维护需要大量的资源,阁下的支持对澳大尤其重要。
    The construction and maintenance of RCs will require a lot of resources and your support will be a substantial assistance for the University.
  • 包括三方面的策略:提升海洋经济效益、保护海洋资源再生能力和优化海洋资源再生环境。
    In chapter8, the strategies of maintenance and increment of the value of marine resources assets are given.
  • 研究了装备维修资源优化的技术。
    The technology of maintenance resources optimization is studied.
  • 服务器为客户端计算机 OS 的安装和维护提供了所需的资源。
    A server provides the resources used in installation and maintenance of the OS to the client machines.
  • 负责海外新客户资源的开拓及老客户的维护支持;
    To be responsible for expansion of new overseas customer resources and maintenance and support of old customer resources;
  • 毫无疑问,这些变化正在并且将更大幅度的对我国渔业资源养护和管理法制产生正面和负面的影响。
    It's no doubt that these changes are and will be making positive and negative effects on Chinese maintenance and management legal system of fishery resources.
  • 同时资源库的管理和远程教育的管理分开,既有利于资源网的维护和安全,又有利于管理的实现。
    At the same time, The management of resources warchouses separates from that of long-range education. It is favour of the maintenance and the safety of resources nets, and the realization management.
  • 对节约森林资源,维护生态环境,发展低碳经济具有重要的促进和带动作用。
    To save the forest resources, maintenance of ecological environment and the development of low carbon economy is important to promote and leading role.
  • 通常,应用程序可以通过多个连接端口用事件处理程序创建事件侦听程序,但是这在网络资源和维护方面花费较大。
    Generally, an application can create event listeners with event handlers through multiple connection ports, but this is costly in terms of network resources and maintenance.
  • 网格元数据一直是网格研究的重点之一,直接影响到网格资源的组织、维护以及共享的安全控制等诸多问题。
    Grid metadata, one of the keystones for grid research, have direct influences on the organization and maintenance of grid resources, the secure control of share and so on.
  • 例如,视图重构和维护操作需要使用额外的资源来完成相同的任务。
    For example, view rebuilds and maintenance operations can use a significant amount of additional resources to complete the same task.
  • 分布式注册与索引服务器提供了信息资源节点的注册、发现、动态维护等功能。
    Distributed registry and index server serves for registration, discovery and maintenance of various information resources.
  • 设备,数据维护和管理。
    Maintenance, housekeeping and management of resources.
  • 在他即将出版的书的独家摘录中,麦吉本主张我们必须放弃经济的不断增长,并且精明地对资源进行重新组织(集约型经济)。
    In an exclusive excerpt from his upcoming book, McKibben argues that we must give up growth and reorganize based on smart maintenance of resources.
  • 包括可持续发展理论、资源资产化管理理论、资源价值理论和国有资源性资产保值增值理论。
    Finally, the strategies of maintenance and increment of the value of marine resources assets are given.
  • 专属经济区制度的建立,使国际海洋渔业资源养护和管理体制发生了深刻的变化。
    The setting-up of the system of Exclusive Economic Zone makes maintenance and management system of marine living resources change deeply.
  • 维修资源管理技术是现代先进维修技术(AMD)的核心技术,维修资源管理技术的关键是维修资源的配置。
    The management technology of maintenance resource is one of the key technologies the Advanced maintenance technology(AMD), and its key is the allocation of maintenance resources.
  • 对家畜遗传多样性的研究有助于做好品种资源的保护和利用。
    Studies on genetic diversity of domestic animals will contribute to the maintenance and utilization of breed resources.