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low volume - 低量喷雾,低音量,小批量
Low-volume Production - 小批量试产,低量试产,小批量生产
low-volume shipper - 小批量托运人
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Bilingual sentences

  • 当然,8月份的成交量清淡加剧了市场的波动性。
    Of course, low volume during August trading has exacerbated market swings.
  • 那么,这么低的成交量是每年这个时间股市都会经历的正常反映,还是将会发生什么事情?
    So does the low volume we’re seeing reflect the normal stock market lull experienced during this time of year? Or is there something else going on?
  • 根据Tradeweb数据,今日5.5-10年期的公债成交很多.而国库券的成交量较低,但仍在整体的近半.
    By contrast, T-bills saw very low volume but still accounted for nearly half of the trade in Treasuries securities, the Tradeweb data also showed.
  • 但是,动态地生成如此大量的 VXML 可能不太现实,所以用脚本动态生成的信息量一般比较少。
    But generating such a large amount of VXML on the fly is probably impractical, whereas running a script to generate the specification information on the fly is comparatively low volume.
  • 而凭借其僵硬的举止,以及低沉、节奏缓慢的男中音,上述印象(译者注:他是个外星人)被进一步放大了。
    This impression is magnified by his rigid demeanor and his baritone voice, which he deploys slowly, at low volume.
  • 这一区间运行的态势可以起到修复市场或反覆筑底的作用,同时不论大盘是涨还是跌,量能都可能持续低迷。
    This can be part of the healing or bottoming process, but chances are it might also lead to low volume days no matter where the tape is heading.
  • 小容量和狭窄的宽度可以为听众提供强有力的后期反射和良好的清晰度,尽管总的声量级有点大,这个房间当时受到了广泛的欢迎。
    The low volume and narrow width would have provided strong lateral reflections and excellent clarity, albeit a somewhat loud overall level. The room was well received at the time.
  • B:这是一种低产量产品,我们还使用工作单元的形式。
    B: This is a low volume production industry. We still use work cells.
  • "我们曾看到股市上涨时成交量非常低,也曾看到下跌时成交量小幅增加,这也令人担心,"他说.
    "We have seen very low volume on the upside and also marginally higher volume on the downside, which is also concerning," he said.
  • 用概率积分变换理论,给出了控制过程均值、过程方差的标准化控制图,适用于小批量生产环境下对过程均值、过程方差的有效控制。
    A standard control chart based on probability integral transform theory is given, which can be used to control process mean and variance efficiently in the low volume manufacturing.
  • 这是专为低量运行,该公司宣称它适合频繁的产品和托盘转换。
    This is designed for low volume operation, and the company claims it is suitable for frequent product and tray changeovers .
  • 佛龛被一道粗实的铁网帘拦着,里面早已站满了人,个个低眉顺眼,口中低低地念诵着。
    The niche is fended by a thick iron-fensing curtain, inside has already been tucked in with people, every one appears dedicated and does chanting in low volume.
  • 因为低流量的跌市实际上是一个非常看多的处境。
    Don’t sell a quiet market after a fall because a low volume sell-off is actually a very bullish situation.
  • 当市场不知道该做什麽时,通常倾向于低量上行和放量下跌,因当投资者感到不安时,他们就会抛售.
    When the market doesn't know what to do, it tends to go up on low volume and down on higher volume because when people get nervous, they sell.
  • 从大盘走势分析,低位弱势震荡,在成交维持低量的背景下,这种整理走势在近期估计还会延续。
    From the analysis of the market trend, low shock disadvantaged , to maintain a low volume of transactions in the background, finishing this trend is expected to continue in the near future.
  • 日志记录通常是始终启用的,因此日志记录代码必须体积相当小,这通常是您应该注意的重要事项。
    Logging is typically left on all the time, so logging code is necessarily fairly low volume, generally important, and something you should pay attention to.
  • 普拉斯托灌溉系统主要致力于低流量灌溉方案。
    Plastro Irrigation Systems is focusing its efforts on Low Volume Irrigation solutions.
  • 根据2000年2月授予的不定期交付/不确定数量合同,Lot 9订单包括LVT(1)机载和LVT(2)陆基低容量终端。
    The Lot 9 order includes LVT(1) airborne and LVT(2) ground-based Low Volume Terminals under the Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract awarded in January 2000.
  • 通过激光打标机可以进行高容量和低容量的生产,包括商标、图片、识别码、条形码和二维条码。
    Our in-house machines allow for high and low volume markings of logos, graphics, identification numbers, bar codes, and data matrices.