It's up to you

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IT'S UP TO YOU - 取决于你,靠你自己,由你决定
It's all up to you - 人该随心所欲的活,一切取决于你,一切都取决于你
it's up to you now - 这次我也就靠你了
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Bilingual sentences

  • 那么,你该找找到底出了什么问题及补救办法。
    It's up to you to find out what happened and remedy the problem.
  • 你是否想在下一轮泡沫中投机要由你自己决定。
    If you want to speculate on the next bubble, it's up to you.
  • 要降低这种风险,不仅需要行动,也会带来不便。 所以,这就需要你自己去找出一个合理的折衷方案。
    Reducing that risk involves effort and inconvenience, so it's up to you to find an acceptable compromise.
  • 如果你不喜欢当下的关系,那么自己决定是否改变。
    If you don't like your current relationships, it's up to you to change that.
  • 你们将会决定如何利用它。 说真的,你们将会如何利用它呢?
    And it's up to you to decide, really, where will you now use those gifts?
  • 你是否把所有的钱都从银行里取出来由你自己决定。
    It's up to you whether you will withdraw all your money form the bank.
  • 然而务必要记住,如何将输出划分为这些类别取决于您自己的决定。
    However, keep in mind that it's up to you to decide how to break down your output into these categories.
  • 做得非常漂亮!我的妻子经常听到我说:“你决定。”“你说了算。”“你想怎么做就怎么做。”
    Beautifully done. My wife hears “You decide”, “It's up to you”, “Do whatever you want”, etc. all the time.
  • 你和你的朋友可以一人做一面鼓和一对鼓槌。至于做得简单还是别致,全在你个人。
    You and your friend can each make a drum and drumsticks. Your drum can be simple or fancy. It's up to you.
  • 释放自己的内存完全取决于您。
    It's up to you to free() your own memory.
  • 不过一切都需要你自己弄清楚你的女孩想要什么。
    It's up to you to figure out what your girl wants.
  • 最终,要去找到一份你能快乐的工作,还是看你自己。
    Ultimately, it's up to you to find a job in which you can be happy.
  • 如果你发现自己伤了孩子的心或者失去了内心的平静,你就该在心里划条线了。
    It's up to you to draw the line when you see it's hurting your children or your own peace of mind.
  • 这取决于你在设计你的捐赠项目时,确信我们能够在互助中吃上下一顿,同时我们的价值都获得十分公正的评判而非仅取决于竞争。
    It's up to you to design your giving programs to make sure we're helping each other to the next meal and we're all being fairly judged on our own value, not purely in competition.
  • 实际上,您可以自己决定是否希望类保持严格的引用完整性(换句话说,所有删除操作都是级联的)或者允许更松散的关系。
    In reality, it's up to you to decide whether you want your classes to maintain strict referential integrity (in other words, have all deletes cascade) or to allow a looser relationship.
  • 只有在你发挥自己得想象力时,这个方法才奏效。那么现在就由你做主!但要记住要使其具有个性并带有趣味性。
    This technique only works if you use your own imagination, so now it's up to you. Always remember to make it personal and fun.
  • 不然的话,由你决定创建一个虚拟的家庭。
    If not, it's up to you to create a virtual family.
  • 但是要认识这些数字的有用性,以及它们能够为特定项目开发提供什么样的深入观察,这些则要取决于您的判断。
    It's up to you to recognize how valid these numbers are and what -- if any -- insight they give you into how a particular project has been developed.
  • 您需要负责帮助他们了解所给出的每个解决方法选项的全部影响。
    It's up to you to help them understand the full impact of every resolution option you present.
  • 如果你因为觉得你应该努力而去努力工作——那么请记住这是你的人生,怎么度过你的人生,完全取决于你。
    If you're working hard because you feel that you “should” – then remember that this is your life, and it's up to you to decide how to live it.