It is no wonder

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it is no wonder - 不足为怪
It is no wonder that - 难怪,不足为奇
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Bilingual sentences

  • 被无数盘根错节的未来包围着,难怪那么多毕业生会选择他们了解的职业最终走上了和父母一样的道路。
    Surrounded by these endless spiralling futures, it is no wonder that many a school-leaver sticks with what they know and follows in parental footsteps.
  • 也难怪经济复苏看上去那么慢了。
    It is no wonder that the economic recovery appears to be progressing so slowly.
  • 世界上很多熟悉的面孔,特别是电影界的熟悉面孔都是射手座也就不足为奇了。
    It is no wonder then that some of the well known faces worldwide, especially in the world of cinema belong to Sagittarians.
  • 难怪尽管双鱼座人在元素上与其相对,在智力上射手座和双鱼座却是一对完美组合。
    It is no wonder that despite Pisces being an opposite sign, in terms of element, both Sagittarians and Pisceans make a deadly combination, in terms of intellect.
  • 这是全心投入的表现,难怪神喜欢挪亚。
    That is wholeheartedness. It is no wonder God smiled on
  • 因为逻辑是他们的基础,难怪同社会文化活动相比,他们喜欢实用性科目如纯科学和数学。
    Since logic remains the foundation for them to stem from, it is no wonder that they love practical subjects like pure sciences and arithmetic to other socio cultural activities.
  • 由于它的名声与魅力加上电视实况转播,奥斯卡之夜有这样丰富的娱乐盛况也就不足为怪了。
    With the combination of glamour, fame and live television, it is no wonder the night provides such great entertainment.
  • 他故技重施,内心为自己的机智反应暗暗自豪,难怪人家都说聪明是天生的。
    Therefore, trick him, his reaction to his secret pride in tact, it is no wonder that people are born smart.
  • 年轻人看起来缺少好的判断能力或抑制冲动的能力也就不足为奇了。
    It is no wonder, perhaps, that teenagers seem to lack good judgment or the ability to restrain impulses.
  • 由于打篮球需要的用具最少而且又便宜,难怪这种运动在世界各地愈来愈流行。
    As basketball equipment is minimal and inexpensive, it is no wonder that the game has become more and more popular around the world.
  • 难怪好莱坞有许多人觉得,这些困境让他变得像个烈士一般。
    Perhaps it is no wonder that many in Hollywood have described his plight in terms that make Polanski himself the martyr.
  • 由于你没有或者几乎没有相关的经验,难怪你开始做时就会笨手笨脚的。
    With little or no previous experience, it is no wonder that you start to fumble.
  • 所以也难怪很多生活时尚酒店的经验会被箱式酒店所接受。
    So it is no wonder that many of the ingredients which contribute to the lifestyle hotel experience, have been adopted by box hotels.
  • 难怪她这么生你的气了。
    A: It is no wonder that she (should) be angry with you.