I love you

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I Love You - 我爱你,爱老虎油,王若琳
I really love you - 真的爱你,其实很爱你,我是真的爱你
I Do love you - 我是爱你的,真的爱你,我爱你
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我可以从今天起爱你吗?
    Can I love you from today?
  • 我爱你。我想成为你的好运气。
    I love you. I want to be your good fortune.
  • 我爱你,说,我们在一起的婴儿,你和我。
    I love you, say we together baby, you and me.
  • 我爱你,那是因为和你在一起时,我变得更像我自己。
    I love you, because I am myself when be with you.
  • 我也爱你。我不奢望你能等我。
    I love you, too. I don't expect you to wait.
  • 他说:“我爱你。”——她说:“你懂什么是爱吗?”
    'I love you,' he said. — 'Whatever that means,' she said.
  • 我知道在我遇见你之前我就爱着你。
    I know I love you before I meet you.
  • 我打电话只是想对你说我爱你!
    I just called to say I love you.
  • 但如果这对你很重要的话,那对我也很重要,因为我爱你。
    But if it's important to you then it's important to me, because I love you.
  • 北部的妇女抱怨说她们的丈夫很难开口说“我爱你”。
    Women in the North complain that their hubbies find it difficult to say 'I love you.'
  • 我也爱你,永远爱你!
    And I love you, always!
  • 我爱你!我真的爱你啊!
    I love you! I really love you, ah!
  • 你和我在一起的时候我爱你;
    I love you when you stay with me;
  • 在你们姐妹中,我最心疼你。
    Of all your sisters, I love you best.
  • 这个就是名词了,我爱你,你能接受我吗?
    I Love You! Can you to accept me?
  • 啊,宝贝儿,我爱你。
    Oh darling, I love you.
  • 他感情丰富地说ː“我爱你。”
    He gushed," I love you. "