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I learn - 我学习,路教室,让我好好学习
I can learn English - 我能学好英语,我可以好好学学英语,我一定可以学好英语
I should learn - 我应该好好学习
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我在电视上得知了他的消息。
    I learn about his news on TV.
  • 我每天学习一个新单词。
    I learn a new word everyday.
  • 这是我从他身上学到的东西。
    This is what I learn from him.
  • 我怎样学习展示我的犬只?
    How do I learn to show my dog?
  • 你知道的,我爸爸在这方面很在行我向他学习的。嗯,你的爱好是什么?
    You know, my dad is good at this I learn from him. Then, what's your hobby?
  • 当我学习设计模式并将它们作为我设计过程中的一部分时,它使我的代码更优秀。
    When I learn design patterns and apply them as part of my design process, it makes my code more robust.
  • 我如何学习,分析潜在的风险?
    How do I learn to analyze the potential risks?
  • 今天,我触摸到了天空…今天,我学习了飞行!
    Today, I touched the sky…Today, I learn to fly!
  • 我正在从头开始学习,下一次你和我一起唱吗?
    Now I learn by ABC, next time will you sing with me?
  • 我为什么学习英语?
    Why do I learn English?
  • 弗兰克林所说:告诉我,我会忘记;教我,我会记住;让我参与,我会学习。
    Tell me and I forget , teach me and I remember , involve me and I learn .
  • 你是怎样学习英语的?我是通过与小组同学一起学习的方式。
    How do you learn English? I learn by working with a group.
  • 为什么我要学习汉语?这是一个好问题,而且唯一的答案就是钱。
    Why should I learn Chinese? A good question and the only answer is money.
  • 在学校我学习语文、英语和数学。
    I learn ChineseEnglish and math at school.
  • 在学习时, 我会把事情说出来并解释给其他人听。
    When I learn, I talk it out or explain it to another person.
  • 通过阅读,我学习到更多不同的地方和文化。
    Through reading, I learn about different kinds of place and cultures.
  • 我在哪里学习与上帝、与他人和自己的平安呢?
    Where do I learn to be at peace with God, others and myself?
  • 我决定重新学习,重新建立我的价值观,通过我的所有去改善它。
    I learn most things from new, rebuild my ideas of value, improve it via my all.
  • 我学习数学。
    I learn math.
  • 每次我得知这样的消息,我的反应并不像一位总统,而是像其他所有人一样——如同一个父亲。
    And each time I learn the news I react not as a President, but as anybody else would — as a parent.
  • 虽然现在我的学习越来越紧张了,但我对看奥运会的兴趣不会削减。
    Although I learn more and more nervous, but I will not cut interest in the Olympics.
  • 上大学的时候,我从生活中学习如何平衡学习和娱乐。
    From life at university, I learn how to balance study and entertainment.
  • 我通过研究语法学习英语。
    I learn English by studying grammar.
  • 写作也是我学习最多的时候。
    I learn most when I am writing.
  • 从大卫在惧怕与困惑的时候先去寻求撒母耳的帮助的决定中,我能学习到甚麽?
    What can I learn from David's decision to first go to Samuel in his time of fear and distress?
  • 尽管如此,由于害怕呛水,我学习换气的动作比别的小同学慢了半拍。
    Even so, for fear of water, I learn choking air action than other small classmate slow half racket.
  • 你可以问问自己:我可以从这里学到什么?
    You can ask yourself: what can I learn from this?
  • 然而,如果我学习法语,我却不能轻易地把这一知识“下载”给你。
    However, if I learn French, I can't readily download that learning to you.