Here you are

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here you are - 给你,给你这个,还给胡子
I'm here where you are - 我在这里你在哪
For here you are - 为你在这
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Bilingual sentences

  • 看看你,说这些难听的话。
    Here you are, saying these terrible things
  • 所以这就是你一直在考虑的第一步,记住,只要一年你就可以做你梦想的工作,所以让我。
    So here you are thinking about your first step, remember, in only one year you.
  • 我能吃些鸡肉吗?给你。
    Can I have some chicken? Here you are.
  • 你能把盐递给我吗?当然可以,给你。
    Can you pass me the salt-Certainly, here you are.
  • 我有,你在哪儿?我们面谈。
    Here you are, where are you? We can talk face to face.
  • 你仍试著做个英雄!
    Still, here you are, trying to play the hero.
  • 老太太方才还在念诵呢,可巧你就来了。
    Granny was just talking about you a minute ago, and here you are!
  • 我正要找你,恰好你来了。
    I was just going to look for you and here you are.
  • 给你们十份报纸,外加三本小册子。
    Here you are& ten copies of the newspaper, plus three pamphlets.
  • 现在,你们已经大学毕业了。
    Well, here you are at your college graduation.