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Bilingual sentences

  • 沙漠里它比马跑得快,后来风沙中我们完全迷路了……” 大胡子尴尬地解释着。
    It ran faster than a horse in the desert. And then we got lost in the storm, " Beardy explained awkwardly."
  • 他寄给女朋友的信在运输途中丢失。
    The letter he sent to his girl got lost in transit .
  • 上星期天,一个五岁的男孩在街上迷路了。
    Last Sunday, a five-year boy got lost in the street.
  • 他迷失在困惑里。
    He got lost in the shuffle. ;
  • 我们不久就在连接这两座城市的错综复杂的道路网中迷路了。
    We soon got lost in the complex network of roads connecting the two cities.
  • 他总是在森林中迷路。
    He always got lost in the forest.
  • 那个人指错了路,结果我在森林里迷路了。
    The man told me wrong and I got lost in the forest.
  • 白雪公主在森林中迷了路,遇到了七个小矮人。
    Snow white got lost in the woods and met seven dwarves . she went to live with them.
  • 难怪我会迷路,我走错方向了。无论如何,非常感谢你的帮忙。
    Susan: No wonder I got lost. I was heading in the wrong direction! Anyway, thanks a lot for your help.
  • 只有到了那时我才发现我在森林中迷路了。
    Only then did I find that I got lost in the forest.
  • 对不起,我们迟到了。我们对这个城市不熟悉,刚才迷路了。
    I'm sorry we're late, we got lost in this unfamiliar city.
  • 在获知德昌逝世时的那几天里,每当我想到这句话时,心理都感到悲伤和空虚。
    Every time that voice went through my mind in the last couple of days since Ed's death, I got lost in sorrow and emptiness.
  • 孩子们在森林中迷路了,但在早晨他们安然无恙地回到了家里。
    The children got lost in the forest, but seemed none the worse (for it) when they arrived home in the morning.
  • 他们在森林中迷路了。
    They got lost in the forest.
  • 他们在森林深处迷了路。
    They got lost in the deep of the forest.
  • 他在树林里迷路了。
    He got lost in the woods.
  • 有的时候,整壶鱼都被煮烂或者打翻,或是因被人分食,便会显得乱七八糟、一塌糊涂。
    We got lost in the forest and forgot to bring ou compass, which was really a pretty kettle of fish.
  • 游客:打扰一下,我恐怕在美术馆里迷路了,能告诉我怎么走到出口吗?
    Traveler: Excuse me. I think I have got lost in the Art Gallery. Can you tell me the way to the exit.
  • 艾希莉·夏可和两个大学朋友在大提顿国家公园迷路55个小时。
    Ashley Sharko and two college friends got lost for 55 hours in theGrand Tetons.
  • 上星期天,一个五岁的男孩在街上迷路了。
    Last Sunday, a five-year-old boy got lost in the street.
  • 在这个陌生的城市里我们迷路了。
    We got lost in this unfamiliar city.
  • 这个来自旧金山的家庭是在俄勒冈拜访朋友时在大雪中迷路的。
    The San Francisco family was visiting friends in Oregon when they got lost in the snow.
  • 上个月,我追赶一群麂子,在老林里东转西转迷失了方向,不知怎么插到这个山头来了。
    Last month I was chasing a group of deer and got lost in the forest. I had no idea why I would finally walk here.