Fixture and furniture

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Bilingual sentences

  • 如果有遗失的家具、固定资产和设备立即报告领班。
    Immediately report to the Floor Team Leader any missing or damaged furniture, fixture and equipment.
  • 他们受雇于建筑公司,木工承包商,工业设施的维修部门,以及家具定做和固定装置的制造或修保公司。
    They are employed by construction companies, carpentry contractors, maintenance departments of industrial establishments, and custom furniture and fixture manufacturing or repair companies.
  • 他们受雇于家具,装置及其他木制品制造业机构。
    They are employed in furniture, fixture and other wood products manufacturing establishments.
  • 本单元组检查员检查家具及固定装置组件和成品,以确保产品质量。
    Inspectors in this unit group inspect furniture and fixture subassemblies and finished products to ensure product quality.