Down through

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filtered down greenly through - 渗透
Go down following through - 没有白天黑夜的
down through - 在整个…的时间里
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Bilingual sentences

  • 这个人稳稳地坐在扶手椅里,凝视着炉火,就这样——一阵骤雨似的念头源源不断地从某个非常高的天国倾泻而下,进入他的头脑。
    A man who sat himself solidly in an arm-chair, and looked into the fire, so--A shower of ideas fell perpetually from some very high Heaven down through his mind.
  • 在EGS系统中,首先会打一眼穿过地壳表面到达地下几千米深处的深井,然后利用高压将水输送到那里。
    In an EGS system, a bore hole is drilled down through the Earth's crust to a depth of a few kilometres and water is pumped down at high pressure.
  • 前者讲的是生命的开始,后者通过诠释死亡,讲述了生命的终结
    One sort of opens up the beginning of life here and the other closes it down through a referencing of death.
  • 一个最主要的原因就是,贫穷不断影响着一代又一代人。
    It is one of the major reasons that poverty is handed down through the generations.
  • 身高主要通过家族遗传,但是科学家说,在比较人与人之间的不同之处时,这个原因并不能解释所有问题。
    Height is mostly passed down through families but scientists say this does not explain everything when comparing the variations between people.
  • 这种活动披水板的功能和活动龙骨一致,但它并非旋转到船底,而是像刀刃一样沿着船底的某个轨迹插下去,像一条薄龙骨那样凸出于船底之下。
    The daggerboard has the same function, but rather than swinging down, it is inserted like a blade down through a slot in the hull to protrude like a thin keel below the hull.
  • 还可以看到茂密的树叶下找到藏有火灾隐患的区域。
    It can also see down through thick foliage to locate hidden areas of fire.
  • 每个问题的答案集合在一起,用户可以通过滚动条滚动查看问题。
    Answers are accumulated for each question, and a scroll bar allows the user to scroll down through the questions.
  • 昨天的市场给出了简短答案:交易员也选择不担心,于是美元向下突破了关键点位。
    The short answer yesterday was that they chose not to worry, pushing the dollar down through key levels.
  • 然后,通过 JOIN 和 UNION ALL 操作递归地下推合并的操作中的谓词。
    Then, the predicates from the merged operation will be recursively pushed down through the JOIN and UNION ALL operations.
  • 数据用户主要查看汇总数据还是需要一种交互式体验(向下和向上钻取数据)?
    Will users of the data mainly look at summarized data or require an interactive experience (drill up and down through the data)?
  • 黑兹尔紧随其后;他们一起溜走了,毫不费劲的穿过了森林,那里,第一朵迎春花含苞待放。
    Hazel followed; and together they slipped away, running easily down through the wood, where the first primroses were beginning to bloom.
  • 我们顺流直下,漂了几个小时才穿过大峡谷,最后船停了。
    We floated down through the canyon for hours until we finally stopped.
  • 它由脑子的下端开始,通过脊柱向下延伸,一路上,各种神经分岔到全身。
    It extends from the lower part of the brain down through spine. Along the way, various nerves branch out to the entire body.
  • 然而七月的一个早晨,他向驾驶员问好并且在他坐下来之前微笑着环视了一下公车里的乘客。
    Then one July morning he said good morning to the driver and smiled short-sightedly down through the bus before he sat down.
  • 声音停止时,一根吸管穿过裂缝伸了进来。
    After it stopped, a straw came down through the crack.