Device fault

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Device fault - 设备故障
Device read fault - 设备读失败
device of fault location - 测距装置
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Bilingual sentences

  • 根据智能化铁谱诊断的要求,本文给出了机械设备磨损故障的定义并对机械设备磨损故障进行了系统的分类。
    In the light of the need of intellectualized ferrographic technology, a definition of mechanical device wear fault is given and a classification of mechanical device wear fault is made.
  • 一种基于DSP技术的配电网实时监测与故障诊断装置。
    A real-time monitoring and fault diagnosis device based on DSP in the distribution network.
  • 硬件的简化大大减少了装置的故障点,从而提升了系统的整体可靠性。
    Less hardware decrease device fault point, so the entire system reliability increases.
  • 但是根据这些故障选线原理制造的选线装置,还不具备在电力系统中推广应用的可靠性和准确性。
    But the line selection device base of these fault line selection principle, didn't have the reliability and veracity of apply in the power system.
  • 通过一个未完成的故障诊断实例,说明建立设备参数数据库对于设备状态监测与故障诊断的重要性。
    To prove that the establishing plant parameter database is important to device condition monitor and fault diagnosis, through an example of fault diagnosis which has not completed.
  • 以往的研究主要针对各种网络设备出现的故障,研究的重点在于找出这些故障之间的关联关系以及定位故障设备。
    The past researches are focused on the failures of network device; they research the relationship between these failures and locate the fault device.
  • 通过对双河油田开发井自控式泄油器故障的统计分析,找出了该种泄油器故障产生的主要原因。
    Based on statistic analysis of automatic-controlled oil drain device in Shuanghe exploring well, the key causes have been found out of leading to the oil drain device fault.
  • 实现在最短时间内对信息系统故障设备的快速修复,对设备数量庞大的供电企业信息系统非常重要。
    To fix fault device of information system in the shortest time limitation is very important to electric enterprises as they have great amount of such devices used in power supply information system.
  • 设备故障。
    Device fault.
  • 根据上述原理研制了新型输电线路故障测距装置。
    Based on this principle, a new device for fault location of transmission line has been developed .
  • 随之而来的问题是,一旦关键设备发生故障,不仅会造成巨大的经济损失,而且可能危及人身安全,造成重大的社会影响。
    The following problem is that once the key device occur fault, it will bring great danger in person safety, economy loss and great society influence.
  • 人工击穿装置中所使用的针的型号的规定见附录D。
    NOTE 2. A suitable type of needle for use in this artificial fault device is given in annex D.
  • 该系统可以实现数据采集、数据处理以及数据通信,还可以对设备故障进行监视、报警和记录故障波形。
    Data acquisition, process and communication were implemented in the system . Supervision, alarming and recording fault wave of device fault were also realized in the system.
  • 对此,提出一种利用复杂可编程逻辑器件(CPLD)实现故障诊断专家系统高速推理的方法。
    A new method to design expert system reasoning with CPLD(Complex Programmable Logic Device) for fault diagnosis is presented.
  • 本文针对如何提高故障测距装置的精度和可靠性做了初步的研究。
    The thesis makes primary researches on improving the measure precision and reliability of the fault location device.
  • 根据上述原理研制成功了新型输电线路故障测距装置XC-11。
    Based on this principle, a new device for fault location of transmission line XC 11 has been developed successfully.
  • 该系统可以实现数据采集、开关量采集、数据处理以及数据通信,还可以对故障设备进行监视、报警和记录波形。
    Data acquisition, switch states acquisition, data processor and communication were implemented in the system. Supervision alarming and the wave recording of device fault were also realized.
  • 目前,许多变电站都安装有故障录波器、电能质量监测仪等电力数据记录装置。
    At present, fault recording device and power quality monitoring device have been installed, in many substations.
  • 作者基于传输线的节点导纳方程考虑了故障时串补装置的状态,提出了一种适用于串补线路的故障定位算法。
    On the basis of nodal admittance equation and the state of compensating device while fault occurs, a fault location algorithm suited to series compensation transmission lines is proposed.
  • 自动故障报警装置,显示故障,及时报警。
    Auto fault-alarming device to show the fault and alarm on time.