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Device Manager - 设备管理器,设备管理器,装置管理员
Device Communications Manager - 设备通信管理
Medical Device Account Manager - 医疗器械业务客户经理
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Bilingual sentences

  • 由于大多数设备连接网络的时间很短,所以分发文件时设备管理器采用检查点和重启技术。
    Because most devices connect to the network for short periods of time, Device Manager uses a checkpoint and restart technique when distributing files.
  • 注意:在设备管理器中,USB 相机通常位于“图像处理设备”的下方。
    Note The USB camera is typically located under Imaging devices in Device Manager.
  • 用 JobService API 来创建、删除和查询设备管理器资源库中的作业。
    The JobService API is used to create, delete, and query jobs in the Device Manager repository.
  • 步骤 4:用设备管理器服务器注册软件对象
    Step 4: Register the software object with the Device Manager server
  • 通过查看微软的设备管理器,就可以知道你的Hyper-V虚拟机是否使用了更高效的合成驱动。
    By looking in Microsoft Device Manager, you can always tell whether you're using the more efficient synthetic drivers in your Hyper-V virtual machines.
  • 为了达到本文的目的,我们假设 Windows 2000 终端客户是用设备管理器进行注册的。
    For the purposes of the article, we'll assume that the Windows 2000 endpoint client is registered with Device Manager.
  • 拥有 J2EE 客户端和设备管理器 API 包的程序员很快就可以开始研究 IBM 普及计算领域。
    A programmer armed with a J2EE client, and the packages of the Device Manager API can quickly get started exploring the IBM pervasive computing universe.
  • DeviceJobService API 通过与设备管理器服务器进行通信,来管理指定设备的作业。
    The DeviceJobService API communicates with the Device Manager server to manage jobs targeted to specific devices.
  • SoftwareProxy API 同设备管理器服务器传递信息来创建、更新、删除并查询设备管理器数据库中的软件。
    The SoftwareProxy API communicates with the Device Manager server to create, update, delete and query software in the Device Manager database.
  • 包含软件的设备管理器从设备读取信息,并使用 Web 服务将信息传输到远程监控服务。
    The Device Manager contains the software, reads information from the device, and translates it, using Web services, to a remote monitoring service.
  • 另一个新功能是升级版的设备管理器,它可以很好的支持第三方设备了。
    Another new feature is an improved Device Manager with open support for third-party devices.
  • 设备和设备管理器之间的 HTTP 和 HTTPS 通信允许请求和响应穿过各种网络要素,例如防火墙。
    HTTP and HTTPS communications between devices and Device Manager allows requests and responses to pass through various network elements, like firewalls.
  • 移除你不再使用的就得设备的驱动程序,它可能藏身在设备管理器中。
    Remove the drivers for all old devices that may be hidden in Device Manager that you no longer use.
  • 请注意,终端用户无权控制新设备管理器的添加(也很少需要这样做),通常在默认情况下都是禁用的。
    Note that the end user has no control over adding a new device manager (and rarely do you need to); most are disabled by default.
  • 存储类与设备管理器直接相关。
    Storage class has direct association with the device manager.
  • 当你插上一个第三方设备,设备管理器就会弹出可视化展示,并且可以同步或者拷贝设备之间的数据。
    The idea is that when you plug in a third-party device, the Device Manager will have a visual representation of the device and access to functions such as synching and copying of data.
  • 设备管理器识别设备并执行许多管理任务,包括配置、库存收集、软件分发及初始供应。
    Device Manager identifies devices and performs many management tasks, including configuration, inventory collection, distribution of software, and initial provisioning.
  • 用设备管理器服务器注册软件对象。
    Step 4. Register the software object with the Device Manager server.
  • 用 DeviceService API 来创建、更新、删除和查询设备管理器库中的设备。
    The DeviceService API is used to create, update, delete and query devices in the Device Manager repository.
  • 设备管理器 是与物理设备相连的计算机。
    The Device Manager is the computer that the physical devices connect to.
  • 设备管理器由下列组件组成
    Device Manager consists of the following components
  • 要在设备管理器服务器上调用 Web 服务
    To invoke a Web service on the Device Manager server
  • 在设备管理器中,展开“图像处理设备”。
    In Device Manager, expand Imaging devices .
  • 作业是指由设备管理器或其 API 发起的任何特定处理,可以在一台或更多的设备上执行。
    A job is any specialized processing initiated through Device Manager or its APIs and performed on one or more devices.
  • SoftwareProxy 用于在设备管理器数据库中创建软件对象。
    The SoftwareProxy is used to create a software object in the Device Manager database. Create a software object in the Device Manager database and store the software identifier as shown below
  • 设备管理器 API 为程序员提供了许多访问设备管理层丰富资源的方法。
    The Device Manager API provides many ways for programmers to access the riches of device management.