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n. 强啡肽
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  • 详细介绍了当今世界上最先进的汽车减振器杆硬铬电镀技术(DYNA -CHROME )。
    The advanced DYNA -CHROME electroplating technology for automotive shock absorber rod was introduced in detail.
  • 本文利用有限元分析软件LS-DYNA 对金属板料渐进成形的过程进行了模拟。
    In this thesis, by using FEM software-LS-DYNA, we simulate the process of sheet metal Incremental Forming.
  • 文章论述了用基于LS-DYNA的动力学分析通用有限元程序对穿甲战斗部侵彻过程进行数值仿真。
    Researched armour-piercing warhead penetration process with the way of numerical simulation based on LS-DYNA, it was a program that analyse dynamics.
  • 利用ANSYS/ LS -DYNA软件,对混凝土结构底面是否固定钢板进行了模拟。
    The concrete structure with or without steel panel is simulated by the software ANSYS/ LS -DYNA.
  • 在ANSYS中进行隐式分析,利用拉杆预压缩方法施加机身预紧载荷;在LS-DYNA中进行预紧状态下显式动力学分析。
    Implicit analysis has been conducted in ANSYS for application of pretension loading, and explicit dynamic analysis of the pre-tighten status has been achieved in LS-DYNA.
  • 为了更好的对精轧过程进行数值模拟,提供更为合理的轧制参数,以LS-DYNA软件中的单元更新方法模拟了精轧过程。
    In order to make better numerical simulation result in finish rolling and get more reasonable rolling parameters, the process of finish rolling was simulated with updated geometry method of LS-DYNA.
  • 基于有限元分析软件ANSYS/LS-DYNA研究冲击载荷下石油测试管柱减振系统的动力学性质。
    Dynamic character of oil testing pipe shock absorber system under impact load was researched based on finite element analysis software ANSYS/LS-DYNA.
  • 针对一移动桥式三坐标测量机,分析了其动态误差的产生原因,建立了动态误差的数学模型,对动态误差进行了全面的测量和补偿。
    For a moving bridge machine under investigation, the dynamic error sources are analyzed, a model for dyna mic error is made and the errors are measured completely.
  • 采用有限元软件ANSYS/LS-DYNA对加载瞬态温度场的薄壁管热推弯曲过程进行了模拟。
    Bending thin-walled tube process of loading transient temperature field hasbeen simulated by finite element method using ANSYS/LS-DYNA.
  • 并采用LS-DYNA对加速度存储测试电路系统(含其缓冲结构)的壳体上不同点的加速度分布进行了计算机仿真。
    The acceleration distribution on different points of the shell body of a stored test system for acceleration (including the cushioning part), is also simulated with LS-DYNA.
  • 针对这一问题,该文采用非线性瞬态动力学软件LS-DYNA中的接触冲击算法,对航空发动机叶片的砂石撞击的瞬态响应进行了数值分析。
    The transient response of aeroengine blades under sandstone impact loads is analyzed with the contact-impact finite element method in LS-DYNA by numerical simulation.
  • 代纳钻具首先是在哪儿造出来的?。
    Where was being dyna-drill first mtext ade?
  • 主要研究使用LS-DYNA的动力松弛算法和系统阻尼算法相结合来求解大型地下结构初始地应力状态的可行性。
    The feasibility to simulate the initial earth stress of the large underground structure by using the algorithm of dynamic relaxation and system damping in LS-DYNA is investigated.
  • 利用LS -DYNA有限元程序数值再现试验过程。
    The test processes are recurred using LS -DYNA finite element code.
  • 为实现车辆吸能部件结构优化,提出一种将建模软件I- DEAS 、碰撞软件ANSYS/LS-DYNA和多学科优化软件ISIGHT有机结合在一起的优化设计方法。
    In order to realize the optimization of the endergonic structure, provides a optimization method by the integration of the I- DEAS , ANSYS/LS-DYNA and ISIGHT softwares.
  • 基于LS DYNA软件,分析了汽车薄壁梁建模过程中的关键影响因素,包括网格密度、时间步长、焊点布置和摩擦因数。
    Based on LS-DYNA, key points for simulation of thin-beam were analyzed, including grid density, time step, welding spots arrangement and friction coefficient.