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Bilingual sentences

  • 下面的例子就是,销售代表小张和客户王老板沟通渠道奖励的事情。
    The following example is the communication about an award channel between sales representative Xiao Zhang and the client Boss Wang.
  • CERREY则可以将该订单或由此产生的利益分配到其代表或者下属公司, 客户方和其他的任何附属公司。
    CERREY may assign this POor any interest thereof to any representative or affiliate, the client or any of its affiliates.
  • 这个业务员明白,他和客户签成合约的机会只有一次,稍纵即逝。
    The sales representative knew that he had a short window of opportunity to close the sale with the client.
  • 一位客户在集团中为他从彼及特定的家庭成员取舍代表。
    A client selects from a group representatives for certain members of his family, including a representative for himself.
  • 思考一下,例如,一个区域销售代表携带一个配有能够连接组织主机的调制解调器的客户的笔记本电脑。
    Consider, for example, a field sales representative who carries to the client's premises a laptop PC equipped with a modem allowing a connection to the organization's mainframe.
  • 但是麦孔的代言人安东尼强调,他的当事人很享受在国米的生活,并没有任何离开的打算。
    But Maicon's representative Antonio Caliendo has stressed that his client is enjoying life at Inter and has no intention of leaving.
  • 如是,请填写「信达国际期货」集团公司员工或代表的姓名及与客户之关系。
    If yes, please state the name of CIFL group companies'employee or representative and his relationship with the Client.
  • Destination代表 TCF 客户机需要的任何服务,服务包括客户机外部的服务(如网络操作)或客户机本地的服务(如文件系统访问)。
    A Destination is representative of any service the TCF client needs, including services outside the client (such as network actions) or services local to the client (such as file-system access).
  • 如是, 请填写「 信达国际证券」 集团公司员工或代表的姓名及与客户之关系。
    If yes, please state the name of CISL group companies' employee or representative and his relationship with the Client.
  • 业主或该授权代表应及时做出决定,以避免不合理地延误设计顾问有序而连续的服务。
    The Client or such designated representative shall render decisions in a timely manner in order to avoid unreAsonable delay in the orderly A nd sequential progress of the Design Consultant's services.
  • 到有关客户死亡或破产的书面通知之前的任何行为承担责任。
    Representative or executives, written notice of a Client's death or winding-up .
  • “网银”是电子银行业务的重要代表,它是商业银行为适应互联网时代客户不断提高的要求而产生的新型金融服务方式。
    Internet Banking" is an important representative of electronic banking; it is a new type of financial service of commercial bank to meet the increasing Internet client requests."