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Can I help you - 我能帮你吗,需要我帮忙吗,我能帮你忙吗
What can I help you - 我能帮你什么,我能帮助你,什么能我
Can I help you do - 请问我可以帮你吗
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我能帮你什么忙?
    Can I help you?
  • 我能帮助您吗,先生?
    Can I help you, sir?
  • 我是房间部预订部的,能帮您吗?
    A: Romm reservations. Can I help you?
  • 先生,需要帮忙吗?
    Can I help you sir?
  • 我能帮您找到什么吗?
    Can I help you find anything?
  • 先生,打扰一下。我能帮您忙吗?
    A: Excuse me, sir. Can I help you?
  • 你知道的,如果我自己居于小室,我又如何能帮助你得到一栋公寓呢?
    You see, if I'm living in a shack, how can I help you get a mansion?
  • 早上好,先生。请问有什么可以帮您?
    Agent: Good morning, sir. Can I help you?
  • 嗨,先生,有什么我能帮到你吗?
    Hello, sir. Can I help you?
  • 上午好。快活房产公司。需要帮忙吗?
    Good morning. Jolly Estate Agency.Can I help you?
  • 我如何才能更好的帮你了解他啊?
    How can I help you know him better?
  • 早上好,先生。我能帮你做点什么吗?
    A: Good morning, sir. Can I help you?
  • 我可以为你服务吗?
    Can I help you?
  • 欢迎光临!我能帮到你什么吗?
    A: Welcome! Can I help you anything?
  • 先生.我能帮您什么忙吗?
    Can I help you, sir?
  • 是的,需要帮忙吗?
    Yes,can I help you?
  • 早上好!我能为您做些什么吗?
    Good morning. Can I help you?
  • 我能给你什么样的帮助?
    How can I help you?
  • 以利沙问她说,我可以为你作什么呢?
    Elisha replied to her, 'How can I help you?
  • 需要我帮你拿手提箱吗?
    Can I help you with your suitcase?
  • 请说,我能帮你吗?
    Can I help you?
  • 我可以帮你挑选该买哪只狗狗吗?
    Can I help you choose which puppy to buy?
  • 夫人,需要帮忙吗?
    Can I help you, madam?
  • A 我可以帮您吗,先生?
    A Can I help you, sir?