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Are you sure - 你确定吗,你确定,你肯定吗
Are e you sure - 真的要打我吗,你真的确定
Are you sure the - 你没问题的
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Bilingual sentences

  • 您确定只有这两个班吗?
    A: Are you sure these are the only open classes?
  • 你确信见到的真是花吗?
    Are you sure you’re seeing flowers actually?
  • 你确定这么作就能有效使用时间吗?
    Are you sure this is the best use of your time?
  • 兔子:你确信这瓶特制胡萝卜汁能治好我的病?
    Rabbit: Are you sure this bottle of special carrot juice will cure me?
  • 你真的认为客队是可以收买的吗?
    B: Are you sure the other team can be bought?
  • 不要感情用事.我知道你喜欢他,可是你能确定自己真的信任他吗?
    Don't let your heart rule your head. I know you like him but are you sure you can really trust him?
  • 你确定吗? 我觉得你留直发看起来比较好看.
    Are you sure?I think you look better with straight hair.
  • 你确定把每个人都算进去了么?
    Are you sure you are counting everyone?
  • 你肯定我们会成功吗?
    A: Are you sure about our success?
  • 你呆会儿肯定能和她见面吗?
    Are you sure you can see her soon?
  • 病人:“医生,你确定俺得的是肺炎吗?
    Patient: “Doctor, are you sure I’m suffering from pneumonia?
  • 莎莉:那么你确定在这里你曾从口袋拿出皮夹来吗?
    SALLY: Then are you sure you took your wallet out of your pocket while you were here?
  • 你肯定你可以在今年的考试中取得好成绩?
    Are you sure you can do well this year?
  • 病人:医生,你确定我得的是肺炎吗?
    Patient: Doctor, are you sure I'm suffering from pneumonia?
  • 你肯定那是合法的吗?
    A: Are you sure that is legal?
  • 你确定你听说的是正确的吗?
    A:Are you sure you heard right?
  • 你确定你听见的是正确的吗?
    A: Are you sure you heard right?
  • “你确信它不会尖叫,大叫或诅咒别人吗?” 传教士问。
    Are you sure it doesnt scream, yell, or swear? asked the preacher.
  • 你有成功的把握吗?
    Are you sure about your success.