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after you - 你先请,您先,您先请
After Calling You - 越洋电话
After Loving You - 爱你之后
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你先请; 请先...
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我给她送个信儿,让她去照料你。
    I sent word to her to go and look after you.
  • 你给他安排好工作后他就突然不见了。
    He vanished after you fixed him with a job
  • 你走了以后,我们都很想你。
    After you left, we all missed you.
  • 别忘了跟手儿关窗。
    Don't forget to close the window after you.
  • 将蜂蜜搅入后再加花生酱。
    You don't add the peanut butter until after you've stirred in the honey.
  • 先生,他们两个打算等您本人离开后瓜分这个企业。
    They mean to share the business between them, after you yourself are gone, Sir
  • 你看过后把它传给其他人。
    Hand it on to others after you have read it.
  • 请您先走。
    After you, please!
  • “您先请。”——“别客气,伯德先生,您先请。”
    'After you.' — 'Not at all, Mr Bird, after you.'
  • 将蛋打好后慢慢地掺入面粉。
    After you have beaten the eggs, mix in the flour gradually.
  • 进来后务必关上大门。
    Just make sure you shut the gate after you
  • 我收到了一封简写来的信。她向你问好。
    I had a letter from Jane. She asks after you.
  • 他信里问起你。
    He asks after you in his letter.
  • 琼斯一直在探问你的健康状况,他听说你病了。
    Jones has been asking after you; he's heard you've been ill.
  • 这种服装看惯了也还不错。
    This kind of clothes looks ok after you get used to it.
  • 你刚走,他跟脚儿就来找你。
    He came to see you just after you left.
  • 看完请签个意见。
    After you've read it, please write down a few brief comments.
  • 瞧这寸劲儿,你前脚才走,他后脚就来了。
    As luck would have it, he turned up just after you left.
  • 我在后面叫你,但是你没有听到。
    I called after you, but you did not hear.
  • 你的忠告久久地回响在我的耳边。
    Your good advices were still ringing in my ear long after you said them.