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Dictionary explanation
adj. 考虑过的;细想过的
v. 建议(advise的过去分词);劝告
Web explanation
advised of - 通知
Jean Advised - 阿德维赛
Advised adverbs - 劝戒副词
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Bilingual sentences

  • 有的建议我不要参加这次旅行。
    Some advised me not join this trip.
  • 我们建议她不要这样做。
    We advised her not to do so.
  • 我的私人医生劝告我不要过度操劳,而应该有充足的休息。
    My personal doctor advised me not to overwork and that I should take enough rest.
  • 我给了他还有他的父亲很多聪明的建议。
    I advised him wisely, him and his father before him.
  • 他建议我立即提出申请。
    He advised me to apply at once.
  • 她好心的劝告我该做什么。
    She kindly advised me what to do.
  • 他们建议我们不要星期五去旅行。
    They advised us not to travel on Friday.
  • 她建议我自己完成这项工作。
    She advised me to finish the work myself.
  • 关于那件事我已经给过你建议。
    I have advised you on that matter.
  • 然而,他们得到的劝告是要小心翼翼的做事。
    They would be well advised to do so cautiously, however.
  • 他劝告她立即提出申请。
    He advised her applying at once.
  • 我的朋友们建议他去看医生,但他拒绝了所有的人。
    My friends advised him to see a doctor, but he refused all of them.
  • 他劝告我不要对听到的每一件事情都相信。
    He advised me not to believe everything I heard.
  • 他建议她在哪里住。
    He advised her where to stay.
  • 我劝告她不要开车。
    I advised her not to drive.
  • 他建议我不要那样做。
    He advised me not to do that.
  • 你们已经被充分的劝告,现在应该去期待什么,它会在你们的心中带来喜悦与幸福。
    You have been sufficiently advised to now know what to expect, and it should bring joy and happiness to your heart.
  • 他劝告立即提出申请。
    He advised applying at once.
  • 我建议她不要相信他的话。
    I advised her not to believe him.
  • 他给我有关前途的建议。
    He advised me on my future.
  • 老板建议我们下一步该怎么办。
    The boss advised us what to do next.