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Bilingual sentences

  • 环境因素的影响,包括太阳能的广泛应用,可能成为这种变化的关键推动力。
    Environmental considerations, including the widening use of solar power, may be a key driver of this change.
  • 金价反弹是在投资者忧虑持续缓和之际,投资者忧虑通常是带动金价上涨的主要因素。
    The comeback occurred even as investor fear -- often a key driver of gold prices -- continued to ease.
  • 卫生是推动经济和社会发展的一个关键因素。
    Health operates as a key driver of economic and social progress.
  • 首先,千年目标将健康视为经济和社会进步的首要推动因素。
    Above all, the goals champion health as a key driver of economic and social progress.
  • 它们将卫生置于发展议程的核心地位,并将之视为社会经济进步的主要推动力。
    They place health at the centre of the development agenda and champion its role as a key driver of socioeconomic progress.
  • 近十年里,楼市早期是经济增长的主要驱动力,但现在却成了拖累经济的罪魁祸首,而经济走软又进一步吞噬房屋需求,形成恶性循环.
    Housing has yanked down the U.S. economy after being a key driver of it earlier this decade. In a vicious cycle, a weakening economy is now further siphoning demand for homes.
  • 在过去的三十年里,这样的事情,也就是忠诚度的缺乏成为了硅谷高速创新的关键驱动力量。
    As it happens, that lack of loyalty has been a key driver of the Valley's rapid innovation over the past three decades.
  • 我们预期企业重新补充库存,将成为2009年下半经济成长的驱动力,而2010年经济复苏将更为全面,尽管从实际数据来看,幅度仍不大.
    We expect the rebuilding of depleted inventories to be a key driver for growth in the second half of 2009, followed by a more broad-based, although still subdued in absolute terms, recovery in 2010.