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a person of extraordinary powers
bold and unconstrained
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豪 - sir geoffrey howe,frederic clemson howe,romanic
跛豪 - To Be Number One,To Be No
瓦豪 - Wachau,Wachau Cultural Landscape
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(Trad=蠔, Pinyin=hao2) oyster
(Trad=豪, Pinyin=hao2) unrestrained, bold and unconstrained, heroic, grand
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Bilingual sentences

  • “许多认知功能是迷人的——学习、规划、使用工具,它们可以用比我们小几个数量级的大脑来解决”,多恩斯博士表示。
    “It’s fascinating that many cognitive functions — learning, planning, using tools — can be solved by brains several orders of magnitude smaller than ours, ” Dr. Dornhaus said.
  • 他颤抖着,用嘴唇轻啄了一下她的手,小姑娘对厄尔眨了眨眼。
    He was trembling, but he pecked her hand with his lips, while she winked at Howell.
  • “当看到这只疯狂的熊蜂之后,我意识到它知道了其他熊蜂不知道的事情”,多恩斯说。
    “I knew that when I looked at this crazy bee it knew something the others didn’t, ” Dr. Dornhaus said.
  • 但她为什么没把厄尔一起带走呢? 还有她小小的锡罐收藏品?
    But why did she leave Howell behind with her own little gallery of tin boxes?
  • 这都是50年前的事了,但它像某种奇怪的爪子一样,卡在厄尔的记忆中。
    That was 50 years ago, but it stuck in Howell’s memory like a strange claw.
  • 调查委员会成员史蒂芬·泽说:“我们确信(在该实验中)有83人死亡,而现有文件只能证明,当时只有不足700人接受了某种形式的治疗。”
    We believe that there were 83 deaths and fewer than 700 people received some form of treatment as best as could be documented,” said Stephen Hauser a member of the commission.
  • 斯和医疗小组接收了一个名叫尼克的患者,是个失去抑制能力的书商。
    House and the team take on the case of Nick, a book editor who loses his inhibitions.
  • 斯是电视上最好的医生,直到他上一季开始出现幻觉。
    House was the best doctor on TV until he began hallucinating last season.
  • 伊说:“到目前为止,我们还没有看到告诉我不应该就此进行投资或者不应该建厂生产的任何迹象。”
    "So far we have not seen anything that tells us we should not be making this investment or that we should not be getting our factory up and running," he said.
  • 在这个小镇上,他们就是神,只不过是开着车的神而已。
    They are like gods in this little town, but with better cars.
  • 这些酒店需要万的力量。
    They need the strength of Marriott.
  • 此外,透露说,他正与一家“大型公用事业公司”进行洽谈,劝说其赞助建造这种全存储机组的示范系统,规模约在100千瓦左右。
    Howe says he is in talks with what he refers to as "a large utility company" to sponsor the construction of a full-storage demonstrator system, something around the 100 kilowatt scale.