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The orifices
Dictionary explanation
a key to sth.
Web explanation
窍 - orifices,orifice;portal
孔窍 - Orifice
窍闭 - shuts aperture
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(Trad=竅, Pinyin=qiao4) aperture, key, intelligence, hole, opening
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Bilingual sentences

  • 说一些简单的如“感谢你的反馈,但是如果以更积极的方式表达,我想可能会更有效的” 就是一种决
    Sometimes, saying something as simple as, "I appreciate your feedback, but think it may be more effective if presented in a more constructive manner," does the trick.
  • 和给人拍照的决一样,焦点对准眼睛,因为对所有动物来说眼睛在视觉上是最引人注意的。
    Use the same trick as shooting a person: focus on the eyes.
  • 正如他在小说中所写,“我本人并不想要睡觉,因为长期以来我一直知道如果我在暗处闭上眼,忘乎所以,我的灵魂就会出。”
    “I myself did not want to sleep, ” hewrites, “because I had been living for a long time with the knowledgethat if I ever shut my eyes in the dark and let myself go, my soulwould go out of my body.”
  • 研究者称,除了用来解释灵魂出这一说法,该项研究还有商业应用价值,可以让计算机游戏更为逼真,或者让人们变成诸如机器士兵或医生的形象。
    Aside from explaining out-of-body experiences, the work could have more commercial applications, said the researcher.
  • 他们还发现,阿丘阿尔人其中一个主要的看法就是,灵魂是居住于头脑中的,当人进入睡眠状态后,灵魂就会出,四处游荡观察世界。
    One of the Achuars' major beliefs, they discovered, is that the soul resides in the head, and during sleep it leaves the head and travels around and makes observations.
  • 大量的与此相关的新书详细介绍了其他“灵魂出”的事件。
    A spate of new books details other cases and variations on the theme.
  • 读这些文章感觉就像是“灵魂出”的经历。
    Reading them felt like an out-of-body experience.
  • 他在书中描述到陪伴病人的朋友,家人甚至是医务工作者在患者“灵魂出”的时候也都看到了光,地道。
    He recounts stories of friends, family and even medical personnel who say they also saw the light, the tunnel and accompanied the dying person partway on his or her journey.
  • 他说此项实验证明出更像是一种大脑障碍,视觉、触觉和平衡感都混淆起来。
    He said by inducing the out-of-body experience it proved it was more like a brain malfunction when sight, touch and balance become confused.
  • 那时,任何时候,我感觉我的灵魂出
    I feel my soul would go then, any moment.
  • 因此他们相信梦境是来源于做梦者灵魂出后所观察到的更深层的现实,而精神分析师则倾向于把梦境看作是做梦者无意识精神状态的产物。
    They thus believe that the source of dreams is a deeper reality outside the psyche of the dream, whereas analysts tend to view dreams as the product of the unconscious mental life of the dreamer.
  • 在这次出经验中,我想你与两个已经死亡的人接触。
    In this OBE, I think you made contact with two people that have died.
  • 那个看来满脸沮丧、浑身漆黑的家伙从烟囱里一出来,就承认头天夜里他企图到店里行,但让烟囱卡住了。
    The sorry-looking, blackened figure that emerged, admitted at once that he had tried to break into the shop during the night but had got stuck in the chimney.
  • 她更明白赢得关键比分的决以及如何保持不败。
    She understands a lot better about the knack of winning crucial points and staying on top.
  • 据《认知科学趋势》期刊报道,灵魂出的感觉可以用大脑行为来解释。
    Feelings of being out of the body can also be explained by the brain’s behaviour, the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences reports.
  • 当你进入一个新的领域,开始掌握了一些基本的决,然后慢慢涉足,试验,或许再阅读和研究一些关于它的知识。
    When you get into a new field, you start by getting a hang of the basics. You dabble, experiment, maybe read or research a little on the topic.
  • 我们看我们这个肉身,它是由骨头、九、六脏等等许多不同功能的组织拼凑而成;
    The flesh body that we touch is composed of organs of various functions, such as bones, nine apertures, and six guts.
  • 但是这个花冠却是有点稀,因为据专家们说它是被从古墓葬里转移出来后埋在菲利普亲王墓地附近的。
    This case is different however. This wreath, experts say was removed from an ancient gravesite and reburied in a location next to where King Philip was stabbed.
  • 他的手触碰到我前额的一瞬间,我元神出了约一个半小时之久,在那一个半小时里,我徜徉在另一个完全不同的世界里。
    At the moment he touch my forehead, I was undress for one and a half hour till I experience the different world.