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The flag
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旗 - banner of Inner Mongolia,旗 (消歧义),Ensign
夺旗 - Capture the flag,capture the flag,Cgoodure the flag
鲤鱼旗 - Koinobori,koinobori,Carp streamers
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(Trad=旗, Pinyin=qi2) banner, flag, standard
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Bilingual sentences

  • 原来是一面黑
    It was a black flag.
  • 他还提到,像“夺”这样的游戏他是从其他孩子那儿学来的。
    He noted that he learned games like Capture the Flag from other children.
  • 这些字帖卡片悬挂在我们课桌的金属杆上,就像许多小在教室里飘扬。
    They were like little flags, waving all about the class, hanging from the rods of our desks.
  • 信号是用或灯发出的。
    Signals are made with flags or lamps.
  • 一名爱国的房东用一面巨幅圣乔治亚十字覆盖了酒店的整个门面,表示支持今年夏天的英格兰队。
    A patriotic landlord is backing England this summer by covering the entire front of his pub in a massive St George's Cross flag.
  • 在风中飘扬。
    A flag flaps in the wind.
  • 在这次新的展放中,这面“星光灿烂”悬挂在一面玻璃墙的后面,佛朗西斯.斯科特.基写的歌词冲外展示。
    In the new display, the Star-Spangled Banner seems suspended in air behind a glass wall. Above are the words of Francis Scott Key.
  • 很快鹰徽就会在南方的各处飘扬!
    Soon the eagle flag would be everywhere in the South!
  • 那黑色长发像一面死亡之顺在我的身边。
    The long black hair lay beside me like a flag of death.
  • 彩虹和自制的标语出没在白宫前宾夕法尼亚大道上拥挤的人群中。
    Rainbow flags and homemade signs dotted the crowds filling Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House.
  • 苏格兰皇家银行还必须售出其保险业务,其中包括丘吉尔,直线和绿等品牌。
    It will also have to sell off its insurance business, which includes the Churchill, Direct Line and Green Flag brands.
  • 一面小在微风中飘动。
    A small flag fluttered in the breeze.