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Role play
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Role play
role play
角色扮演 - role play,Cosplay,RPG
举动角色扮演 - ARPG
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act a part
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Role Play
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  • 当二人感情到达实质性转折点时,他们像孩子般地玩起了角色扮演
    At the major turning points of their relationship, they engage in a child-like play-acting.
  • 但问题是,李强过于害羞,不愿参与角色扮演
    The problem was Li was too shy to join the play.
  • 您必须能够引导、记录和促进角色扮演研讨会,其中各种参与者可以扮演预想的应用程序中各种不同的角色。
    You must be able to lead, document, and facilitate role-playing workshops in which stakeholders play the parts of the various participants in the envisioned application.
  • 我喜欢角色扮演类的游戏,因为他们大都有最好的故事情节。
    I like role playing games the best because they usually have the best stories.
  • 小组成员必须通过角色扮演互相交流。
    Group members have to communicate with each other through role-play.
  • 我们挑选了部分主题,从中了解法律系统中的行动者进行操作和角色扮演时对情境和系统的需求;
    A set of topics has been selected to develop understanding of the situational and systemic demands within which actors in the legal system operate and perform their roles;
  • 在今年夏季的课堂上,杰里提(Kevin Gerrity)的商学院教授要求他进行角色扮演:如果他是一家银行的首席执行长,他会如何应对本轮金融危机?
    In class this summer, Kevin Gerrity's business-school professor asked him to role-play: If he were a bank CEO, how would he have responded to the financial crisis?
  • 你甚至可以把它看做角色扮演游戏中的领头羊。
    You can even call it the flagship game of the first generation Playstation.
  • 事先和朋友通过角色扮演排练一下面试。
    Rehearse and role-play the interview with a friend beforehand.
  • 考虑角色扮演游戏中的一个单元&比如坦克。
    Think about a unit in a role-playing game& a tank, perhaps.
  • 继续角色扮演
    The role play goes on.
  • 你脑海中一个沉迷于某个在线角色扮演游戏的玩家是什么样的呢?
    Picture a gamer, someone who spends countless hours immersed in one of those online role-playing alternate realities.
  • 在本文中,我们将为角色扮演游戏构建一个清单管理系统及提示脚本,同时处理PHP脚本的交互操作。
    In this article, we build an inventory-management system and note-taking scripts for your role-playing games, while working on the interactivity of your PHP scripts.
  • 我的角色扮演得很出色。
    I have played my part well, said Snape.
  • 写‘稿子’可以和角色扮演结合排练生活中的任何场面,不论是要求老板加薪还是要见孩子的老师。
    Scripting can be used with role-playing to rehearse for any scene in your life, whether it's asking your boss for a raise or meeting your child's teacher.
  • 11.游客角色扮演&以一个观光者的角度去看看自己所在的城市。
    11. Play tourist-See your town from a visitor's perspective.
  • 角色扮演和身份灵活性不可能对多个虚拟世界保持唯一性。
    Role playing and identity flexibility is hardly unique to virtual worlds.
  • 这种玩法通常被叫做笔和纸模式的角色扮演游戏(指的是Dungeons and Dragons形式的游戏玩法)。
    This is often called the Pen and Paper model of role playing games ( in reference to the Dungeons and Dragons-style game play).
  • 每个人都有自己的角色扮演,包括男孩和男人们。
    Everyone has a role to play, including boys and men. '
  • 我们大家都无意识地沉耽于角色扮演之中。
    We all indulge in unconscious role-playing.
  • 你还没有将找工作建立成一个系统过程:这个系统应该包括一切事情,从确定活动的目标、意图到面试时的角色扮演
    You haven't developed a system of finding a job: The system should entail everything from goals and intentions that dictate planned activity to role-playing of interviews.
  • 在研究中,进行了一项学生角色扮演发短信实验,并对情况进行了评定,论文将在明年的《商业伦理期刊》上发表。
    A paper that will be published in the Journal of Business Ethics next year made the assessment after an experiment involving students role-playing with text messaging.
  • 此生成器不但在角色扮演游戏中十分有用,而且在需要用到伪随机环境集合(可用于角色扮演、即兴创作、写作等情况)的情况下也十分有用。
    This is useful in role-playing games or other situations where we need to come up with a pseudo-random set of circumstances that can be used for role-play, improvisation, writing, etc.
  • 在公司理财课程教学的第一天,我让学生们进行了一项角色扮演活动,扮演对象是一家陷入危机的大航空公司。
    On my first day of teaching Principles of Corporate Finance, I had my students participate in a role play exercise about a major airline in crisis.
  • 去你的当前角色扮演的偶像!
    Go for your current cosplay idol!
  • 人们在玩角色扮演游戏或者战争游戏时,经常会把很多的时间花费在掷骰子上。
    People who play role-playing games, or war games, often spend a lot of time rolling dice.
  • 曹勇表示,职场新人第一课的内容之一便是角色扮演
    According to Cao, the first lesson for workplace freshmen should involve role playing.
  • 其中包括装饰和纸、角色扮演风格的服装品牌,以及使用可再生能源的盆栽。
    These include decorative washi paper, a cosplay-inspired clothing brand and a bonsai plant grown with renewable energy.
  • 游戏有着庞大的开放性世界和众多包括动作、驾驶、角色扮演、潜行、设计和竞速等元素在内的架构,足以使玩家迷失其中。
    A huge open world game that fuses elements of action, driving, role-playing, stealth, shooting and racing into a massive landscape that players can get lost in.