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膨大 - intumescence,expansion,intumescentia
膨大剂 - swelling agent,fruit-expander
膨大细胞 - cystites,cystite
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(Trad=膨大, Pinyin=peng2 da4) expand, inflate
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  • 种子珠柄膨大的在基部,附属物胃形成。
    Seed funicle inflated at base, appendage stomach-shaped.
  • 木本藤蔓植物,有亮绿色叶子和带玫瑰色的白花组成的总状花序;膨大的根中包含鱼藤酮。
    Woody vine having bright green leaves and racemes of rose-tinted white flowers; the swollen roots contain rotenone.
  • ③胆管的微囊肿和赫令管膨大盲端提示胆道闭锁预后差。
    Blind end or cyst formation of Herring's canals predicts poor prognosis.
  • 越冬时在膨大的地下根或茎中储藏大量的营养。亚洲的一种植物,其膨大的根茎和可食的叶片可做蔬菜用。
    The food is stored during the winter in a swollen underground toot or stem. Asiatic plant cultivated for its swollen root crown and edible foliage.
  • 对突变体进行显微结构分析,发现突变体的根在内部结构上表现为表皮及皮层细胞形态不规则,排列疏松,横向膨大
    Microstructure analysis indicated that epidermis and cortex cells of mutant root showed irregular shape, loose arrangement and horizontal enlargement in inner structure.
  • 为便于鞘内给药,一个PE-10导管通过寰枕膜植入到腰部膨大
    For intrathecal drug administration, a PE-10 catheter was implanted through the atlantooccipital membrane to the lumbar enlargement.
  • 种子珠柄而不是膨大的在基部。
    Seed funicle not inflated at base.
  • 果实生长发育在解剖结构上表现为果实外果皮、中果皮及内果皮三部分细胞的分裂与膨大
    The change of fruit anatomical structure shows cell of exocarp, sarcocarp and endocarp division and enlargement.
  • 肉质植物,如仙人掌,可以将水分储藏在膨大的茎和叶中的基本组织细胞中。
    Succulents, such as cacti, store water in large parenchyma cells in swollen stems and leaves.
  • 在美登木木栓层和次生韧皮部中分布有菌丝片段、膨大的菌丝、菌丝团及分生孢子;
    Some segments of hypha, swelled hypha, pelotons and conidiophore were in colonies in cork and secondary phloem.
  • 买回的黄瓜放一晚上,第二天又“长”大了,这肯定是使用过激素膨大剂。
    Redemptive cucumber on the very next day and night," long", this is definitely used hormone swelling agent.
  • NaCl胁迫对菜用大豆种子膨大、抗氧化酶活性和活性氧代谢的影响
    Effects of NaCl Stress on Filling, Antioxidant Enzyme Activities and Reactive Oxygen Metabolism in Seeds of Vegetable Soybean
  • 在北美开有艳丽的豌豆般的花和膨大的豆荚的属。
    Genus of North American plants with showy pealike flowers and an inflated pod.
  • 网膜细胞多在远端膨大,细胞核也大都在此集中。
    The retinula cell is enlarged at the distal end of the clear zone where the nucleus is located.
  • 大多数嫁接的最好时期是春天芽开始膨大的时候。
    The best time for most grafting is when the buds are beginning to swell in spring.
  • 颈卵器)腹部:颈卵器内含有卵细胞(卵球)而向外膨大的基部。
    Venter The swollen base of an archegonium that contains the egg cell ( oosphere).
  • 颈卵器状似长颈烧瓶,由一条细长的颈部和膨大的腹部(内含雌性配子)组成。
    It is a multicultural flask-shaped structure made up of a narrow neck and a swollen base ( venter) that contains the female gamete.
  • 水杨酸对两个品种百合鳞茎膨大的作用及其与内源激素含量的关系
    Effects of Salicylic Acid on Bulb Development and Relation to Endogenous Hormone Contents in Two Species of Lily
  • 消化道中的膨大的囊状部分,主要的消化器官之一,位于脊椎动物的食道与小肠之间。
    The enlarged, saclike portion of the alimentary canal, one of the principal organs of digestion, located in vertebrates between the esophagus and the small intestine.
  • 甲壳素衍生物叶面肥对冬枣叶片生长及果实膨大状况的影响
    Effects of Foliar Fertilizer Chitin Derivatives on the Leaf Growth and Fruit Swelling of Winter-date
  • 柑桔果实膨大与气象条件的关系浅析
    Citrus Fruit Enlargement and the Analysis of the Relationship between Meteorological Conditions
  • 夜间温度对薄皮甜瓜果实膨大及多胺含量的影响
    Effects of Night Temperature on Fruit Expansion and Polyamine Content in Melon
  • 在果实最后膨大期以前内果皮变硬。
    The endocarp is hardened before the final swell.
  • 助细胞有一较大的核,位于细胞膨大的部位,众多的小液泡遍布细胞质中。
    The synergid possesses a larger nucleus located in the expanded portion of the cell and many small vacuoles throughout the cytoplasm.
  • 生长温度与光周期处理对大蒜鳞茎膨大比率互作影响明显。
    The co-effect of temperature and photoperiod treatment on garlic bulbing ratio of garlic were significant.
  • 尺侧腕屈肌和桡侧腕屈肌内神经分布和血供特点的研究尺骨的圆头恰在腕上前臂后侧产生一个膨大
    The Neuromuscular Compartments of the Flexor Carpi Ulnaris and the Flexor Carpi Radialis The rounded head of the ulna produces a bulge on the posterior side of the forearm just above the wrist.
  • 果实膨大期夜间低温对薄皮甜瓜生长及果实糖积累影响的相关因素研究
    The Related Factors of Night Low Temperature Effect on Development and Sugar Accumulation of Melon during Fruit Enlarging
  • 结果表明:嫁接能够促进果实膨大、中果肉厚度增加。
    The results indicated that fruit enlarging and thick of the middle part of mesocarp were increased by grafting.