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beautify the features
美容 - Beauty,Cosmetology,facial
美容师 - beautician,Cosmetologist,hairdresser
美容产品 - Beauty Product,cosmetic products,cosmetic
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(Trad=美容, Pinyin=mei3 rong2) cosmetology
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  • 这些日子我需要运用所有我可以找到的健康食谱去显露出自己最好的状态,而且如果我可以找到那种健康食谱,你肯定能在我每周末的购物车中看到我所加入的以下美容食品。
    I need all the help I can get to look my best these days and if I can get that help while stuffing my face, you can be sure I’m adding the following beauty-full foods to my weekly shopping cart.
  • 2007年公布的一项饮用水的美容效益研究表明,饮用500毫升的水可加快皮肤下毛细血管内的血液流动。
    One study published in 2007 on the cosmetic benefit of drinking water suggests that 500 ml of water increases capillary blood flow in the skin.
  • 专家说,我们多数人实际上只需要关心一下几个基本的美容秘诀--这些要领可以帮你看起来漂亮、感觉不错,而又不用花很多时间和金钱。
    Experts say most of us really only need to pay attention to a few basic beauty secrets — essentials that can help you look and feel great without spending a lot of time or money.
  • 我问她为什么她当初决定进行医疗美容
    I ask her why she first decided to have cosmetic procedures.
  • 由于中国在1982年之前很少有化妆品,所以不存在母亲向女儿传授美容惯例的情况,这使化妆品公司有机会把自己定位成“教育者”。
    As cosmetics were banned in China until 1982, there is no passing on of beauty rituals from mother to daughter, giving the cosmetics companies the chance to position themselves as educators.
  • “在中国,规则往往是不透明的”,“詹姆士.史密斯”--在中国销售美容产品的一家西方公司行政高管感叹道。
    “The rules [in China] are not always transparent,” sighs “James Smith”, an executive at a Western firm that sells beauty products in China.
  • 你可能从美容产品中吸收了有毒的化学物质,主要地,直接吸收到了你柔弱的器官。
    The toxic chemicals you may be absorbing from the use of beauty products are, largely, going directly to your delicate organs.
  • 事实上,我们购买美容产品是因为它们带给我们的感觉。
    Instead, we buy beauty products because of the way they make us feel.
  • 这段时间我们一直在忙美容智囊团的事情,准备出版我们的第一本书。
    We’ve been busy here at the Beauty Brains, getting ready to publish our first book.
  • 虽然我们多数人都知道防晒霜能减少患皮肤癌的机率,你知道它也是一种神奇的、能使你皮肤显得年轻的美容秘诀吗?
    While most of us know it reduces the risk of skin cancer, did you also know it's an amazing beauty secret that can help keep skin looking young?
  • 她这个夏天去上了美容学校,打算在一家美发沙龙工作,同时卖她的自制首饰。
    She went to beauty school this summer and plans to seek work at a hair salon while selling her handmade jewelry.
  • 实际上,通过一点儿角色转换,我们也许会看到,东方的研究正被应用于西方的美容产品。
    Indeed, through a spot of role reversal, we may see research from the east being used in western beauty products.
  • 现在人们诉诸各种各样的外科手术和美容品仅仅是为了显得更年轻。
    People are now resorting to all kinds of surgeries and beauty products just to appear younger.
  • 美容科学”的演讲者们将会讲述科学家们如何获取了关于我们皮肤和头发是如何自然生长、为什么随着年龄而发生变化以及美究竟是什么的新认知。
    Speakers at Science of Beauty will describe how scientists have garnered new insights into how our skin and hair behaves, why it changes as we age, and what beauty actually is in the first place.
  • 我被邀请同超级市场公关们一起午餐,免费在餐馆吃饭,偶尔试试美容精华,或者当我联系他们后,为我涂抹深海泥。
    I am invited to lunch with supermarket PRs, to dine in restaurants for free and sometimes to try out beauty serums, or, as I call them, slimes.
  • 你们主要生产美容品,产品很畅销。
    You mainly make beauty products which sell well.
  • 英国《新女性》杂志“2006美容调查”结果显示,女性用于化妆品的开销为每月77英镑。
    The average monthly spend on cosmetics is 77, according to the 2006 Beauty Survey, commissioned by New Woman magazine.
  • 我知道我本应该学习美容疗法。
    I knew I should have done beauty therapy.
  • 人人都希望拥有美容及健康。
    Everyone wants to achieve beauty and health.